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You got a monster, and you want it dead, but you ain’t got the guts? You better pony up the bucks because the Man in Grey doesn’t do freebies.

SLAY is the electrifying debut of a five-book series starring enigmatic anti-hero Lincoln Franks.

"The Witcher meets THE BOYS. Filled with irreverent humor and gleeful bloodshed. Highly recommended!”
Jennifer Brody, author of STAR WARS Stories of Jedi And Sith and A Sacrifice of Blood and Stars

"Monsters, bastards, and things that go bump in the night don’t stand a chance when the ruthless Man in Gray comes gunning for them. SLAY blasts along with Sigler’s prose coming at you as hard and precise as the Man himself. Packed with action, clever ideas, and memorable characters this is Sigler at his very best.”
Richard Kadrey, author of Sandman Slim and The Everything Box

Pay to slay...
For millennia, a secret society known as the Bastion has protected mankind from the horrors of the “Underskin” — malevolent forces lurking unseen in civilization’s shadows. Monsters, demons, spirits, lawyers, and Fortune-500 CEOs, the Underskin’s fiends pray upon the weak.

When these creatures spill blood, it falls upon the rixators — the Bastion’s elite warriors — to cut them down. Armed with ancient relics and modern weaponry, altruistic rixators hold the line against chaos.

But a rixator’s sworn oath of poverty grinds against Lincoln’s life. Faced with providing for his agoraphobic former partner, who was crippled by a monster, his father, whose life as a rixator left him broke and broken in an old folk’s home, and his son who is imprisoned in a land of nightmares, Lincoln’s got bills to pay.

Vow of poverty be damned — it’s time to cut off some heads, collect bounties, and bring home the bacon.


  • Graphic violence (lots & lots of it)
  • Crude humor
  • Suggestive themes
  • Blood (lots & lots of it)
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Human sacrifice
  • sex gnomes
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