Promo Submission

If you would like to submit a promo for consideration to be run in our feed, it must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Promo must be 60 seconds or less in duration.
  2. Promo must be PG-rated or below.
  3. Promo must be advertising an existing product or existing podcast that is available for 99 cents or less.
  4. We do not run promos for Kickstarter campaigns or Patreons.
  5. Promo subject matter should be appropriate for a Young Adult listener.

To submit your promo, please send an email with your promo attached as an mp3 file.  Alternatively, you may send an email with a direct link to your mp3 file.

We reserve the right to determine if your content is appropriate for our feed. Additionally, we’re generally unable to meet requests for specific dates, but if your material is time-sensitive do let us know and we’ll try and accommodate as the schedule allows.

Promo submissions should include your name and the name of your podcast or product, and any useful information for Scott to introduce the promo on the show.

Please email submissions to