Comment Policy

We’re thrilled that is a fun place to hang out, and we encourage hearty interaction.  We’re proud of our house and are happy to share it.

This is a great place to hang out and we aim to keep it that way. To that end, we aggressively enforce Wheaton’s Law.   In case you’re not inclined to click through that link, here’s the tl:dr:  Don’t be a dick.

Our comments policy is similarly focused:

  • We hope you enjoy our site and encourage you to comment and post.
  • We allow relevant links in comments, but will delete irrelevant links.
  • We delete spam comments, links and profiles.
  • Comments may be removed at any time, for any reason.

Your post and/or your profile may be deleted without notice at our discretion for the following:

  • Comments that are bullying, harassing, rude, defamatory, threatening, bigoted, racist, hate-speech, prejudicial, sexist, obscene, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Comments that don’t contribute to the topic after repeated attempts to engage you.
  • Derailing

If you feel a fellow Junkie is acting inappropriately, please let us know using the contact form with any concerns or questions.  We’re here to help, but it’s also our house, and we’re invested in it’s success.  We do hope you are too.