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PANDEMIC [Signed Hardcover]

PANDEMIC [Signed Hardcover]

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We have a limited number of out-of-print PANDEMIC hardcovers signed by Scott. Click here if you'd like to order one directly from us.

It began with one man's battle, then spread to infect a nation. Now, the entire world will suffer.

The human race balances on the razor’s edge of annihilation, beset by an enemy that turns our own bodies against us, that changes normal people into psychopaths or transforms them into nightmares.

To some, Doctor Margaret Montoya is a hero — a brilliant scientist who saved the human race from an alien intelligence determined to exterminate all of humanity. To others, she’s a monster — a mass-murderer singlehandedly responsible for the worst atrocity ever to take place on American soil.

All Margaret knows is that she’s broken. The blood of a million deaths is on her hands. Guilt and nightmares have turned her into a shut-in, too mired in self-hatred even to salvage her marriage, let alone be the warrior she once was.

But Margaret is about to be called into action again. Because before the murderous intelligence was destroyed, it launched one last payload — a soda-can-sized container filled with deadly microorganisms that make humans feed upon their own kind. That harmless-looking container has languished a thousand feet below the surface of Lake Michigan, undisturbed and impotent... until now.

Praise for PANDEMIC

"In PANDEMIC our fears of the apocalypse hangs by a slender thread of hope. Sigler brings serious game with a book that seriously rocks the action while delving deep into character, and does it with a novel that is as lyrical as it is powerful. Highly recommended."
Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of EXTINCTION MACHINE

"Page-turning, spell-binding, horrifying, and thrilling. Don't even dream of starting the first book, unless you want to have absolutely no choice but to rip through all three."
Ramez Naam, author of NEXUS

"With it's razor sharp prose and attention to detail combined with skin crawling body horror and apocalyptic threat, Scott Sigler's Pandemic reads like the love child of Michael Crichton and David Cronenberg."
James S.A. Corey, New York Times bestselling author of LEVIATHAN

"The Infected trilogy ends with this incredible book that offers up a conclusion readers will not soon forget. As always, this is a unique horror story even more terrifying than the other books before it."
Suspense Magazine

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