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MOUNT FITZ ROY, Book II of the Sun Symbol Duology

MOUNT FITZ ROY, Book II of the Sun Symbol Duology

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MOUNT FITZ ROY is the sequel to the #1 Audible Bestseller EARTHCORE.


Patrick O'Doyle, a middle-aged former member of a disgraced black-ops unit, gets his aging team back together to go after this fortune. Funded by the mining company EarthCore, he, Bertha Lybrand, and his crew of forty-something operators try to turn back the clock long enough to make them all richer than their wildest dreams.

But three miles below the surface, where geothermal temperatures will cook you alive, something is waiting. Waiting, and guarding. This time, O’Doyle is well-prepared and well-armed —if he survives, he will be set for life, and he will have his revenge for the Utah massacre.

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