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Man's inhumanity to man created something inhuman...

DRUDEN is a WWII horror story. It is a feature-length, full-cast audio drama produced by GraphicAudio. It is available only in audio. 

Get a taste of this bloody banquet with this audio excerpt:

In the frozen ground of the Hürtgen Forest, Lieutenant Eric Granville digs a grave. A grave for yet another of his men lost to the brutality of World War II. He prays he will have to dig no more, for everyone knows the war is drawing to a close.

But as German lines bend, then break, the Allies gain access to vast tracts of territory, including areas believed to contain advanced military research projects where the Nazis desperately work on war-ending super weapons. Captain Louis Weiner of the OSS believes he knows the location of one such facility, deep in the ancient forest, where scientists are developing the world’s first night-vision weapon, code-named Vampir.

All Weiner needs is an armed escort — Granville and his platoon get the job.

Granville is only too happy to get his guys off the front line, but he and Weiner are soon to find there is far more to the research project than expected. A simple milk run becomes a battle for survival as the woods come alive with a new kind of enemy, an enemy to all humanity.

Featuring a special cameo appearance by Scott Sigler portraying Lt. Col. John Maberry, the battalion commanding officer.

Adapted from the screenplay written by Scott Sigler with Adrian Picardi and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music!

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