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DEATH IS BLACK, The Color Collection, Volume IV

DEATH IS BLACK, The Color Collection, Volume IV

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Due out in 2024

The fourth anthology in the Color Series. This collection draws on Scott's darker side (and yeah, we know, he's pretty dark already). Author notes after each story detail the inspiration behind the tale.


A crossover story between Scott's novel NOCTURNAL and Jonathan Maberry's Joe Ledger series. When Joe meets Bryan & Pookie, things are bound to get violent.

Those Gatdamn Cookies
In some faraway future, be careful of what you sniff.

Hippo 2
Ray Porter narrates Scott's second Hippo story written for Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars universe. Pops is not well. Not well at all.

Dear Diary
Only the lonely know true isolation. In a San Francisco apartment, a man learns that in his particular realm of isolation, he's not really alone at all. 

The Fifth Day of Deer Camp
The Sixth Day of Deer Camp
The Seventh Day of Deer Camp
Every winter, a group of "Yooper" buddies travel to their hunting cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This year, something not of this world will join them.

Bonus Content: ANCESTOR Short Scripts
For Scott's novel ANCESTOR, we ran a contest for fans to make short films from four different Scott-penned scripts. The scripts highlighted prequel events that happen before the novel begins.



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