Sun Symbol Book II

MOUNT FITZ ROY is the sequel to the number-one Audible Bestseller EARTHCORE.

From number-one New York Times best-selling author of the Generations Trilogy comes the second book in the Sun Symbol series, an epic story of lost civilizations, redemption and immeasurable treasure.

With shades of Tom Clancy, Stephen King and James Rollins, MOUNT FITZ ROY continues the tale of Patrick O’Doyle and Bertha Lybrand, who were part of the horror show that occurred far below the mountains of Utah. They learn that the “mother of all motherlodes” discovered there was not unique, that there is another deposit similar to it three miles beneath the towering peak of Cerro Chaltén on the disputed border between Chile and Argentina.

O’Doyle, a middle-aged former member of a disgraced black-ops unit, gets his aging team back together to go after this fortune. Funded by the mining company EarthCore, he, Bertha and his crew of forty-something operators try to turn back the clock long enough to make them all richer than their wildest dreams.

But three miles below the surface, where geothermal temperatures will cook you alive, something is waiting. Waiting, and guarding. This time, O’Doyle is well-prepared and well-armed —if he survives, he will be set for life, and he will have his revenge for the Utah massacre.

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  1. Albert Cahill

    Ok so long story short I use Kindle unlimited as I read so much I don’t ever just buy books but in this case Earthcore really grabbed my attention so I ended up buying it which I never do since I have kindle unlimited and I really enjoyed it… I am really happy you continued the story but I can not find the actual mount fitz Roy book only the audible version. Is it an actual book as I would rather read it than listen to it? I’d really appreciate it. Thx

  2. Ryan

    I absolutely loved the book Earthcore. I came across it on and finished it in about three sittings. When I finished it, I hoped that there would be a continuation of the story and I was very excited to hear about Mt Fitzroy. I just finished it and was not let down. I love books like this, but a lot of the time it feels like other stories don’t give you enough time to understand and sympathize with the characters. That is not a problem with your books. Please keep stories like these coming.

  3. Bill Wulfing

    Dude, DUDE!!! Just finished Mount Fitz Roy and it was amazing. Big fan of everything you write but this one, all’s I can say is DAMN.
    If you are on the fence about listening and looking for reviews to make the decision, well it’s an absolute 10 out of 10 stars.
    Storyline- awesome
    Narrator- top notch
    Detail- awesome
    Characters- awesome
    suspense- hell yes
    twists- never saw them coming
    Heartbreaking- no spoilers but I actually got a bit emotional at the end.
    Thank you Scott Sigler for an amazing roller-coaster ride of a book.

  4. Eric F

    I read it, I loved it!
    No spoilers here.
    This was a satisfying sequel to Earthcore, enough of sameness to be comfortably familiar along with plenty of differences to keep it suspenseful. There were also lots of tie-ins to your own Siglerverse too. I liked the references to other authors’ works; Hearn, Card, Heinlein, and more. They felt like fun Easter eggs as they showed up. As always no character is immune to being killed off. I grieved some because you made me care about them.

    For me, the first half was a fun romp and the second half was intense. I was sad when I finished that there wasn’t more. All the more reason to continue to read all your other works as they come out—especially as they continue to cross-reference among themselves.

    Well done. I recommend reading this.

  5. Katy Turner

    THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!!! Your books are always mind blowing and the fact that I’ve been waiting for this for so long and that it’s now being released 8 days before my 40th birthday is making me jump with joy! 🎉

      1. Katy Turner

        thank you SO much! my twin brother introduced me to your work and I am thrilled to be listening to Mount Fitz Roy right now. I’m savoring every moment and (for once) listening as slowly as I can to prolong the amazing story I’ve been looking forward to for so long. You rock 😉

  6. Johan

    Hey Scott. I saw that this book is finally available for pre-order. However it seems as if it is not available on Do you have any idea when it will be available there? I sure hope it is not exclusive to

      1. Manibanani

        Thanks Scott – that sounds like something is going to happen anytime soon – I still hope for some Rocktopi not totally demented and giving more details of their interstellar nemesis… and / or more tactic possibilities than “run ’em over”.

        BTW – am I mistaken or is the subtitle “Sun Symbol Book II” new? Anyway that is slightly promising that one day there may be Sun Symbol Book III – Mont Blanc!

          1. Manibanani

            Hey Scott – late, but not too late to answer: You delivered, man… you delivered! Thank you for this awesome resolve…

            So, from a deeply devoted reader to his author: Please, consider doing more work aside the GFL stuff. Keep healthy, sane and long and prosper!

    1. scottsigler

      Kary: We don’t think so. We haven’t seen much of a bump. We’ve made a choice not to market heavily, as we don’t want to capitalize on human suffering. We’ve make a few social media posts about how the content of the book matches current cultural behavior, but that’s about it it. There will be a few more posts, particularly when there is a vaccine that some people will refuse to take. #TakeTheMeds.

  7. Katy Turner

    SO EXCITED for this book, but just noticed the release date was changed to FALL 2020!!!! I know you’re working hard on it, but we’d all love an update on when we can expect to read/listen to your next masterpiece <3

  8. Daisy

    Winter 2019 is over! Make with the Mount Fitz Roy already!
    Jeez, I need something to listen to at work so I don’t actually *read* all the teen fiction I have to edit. The dichotomy between emo poetry on my screen and exploding mutants in my ears is delightful (just finished the third go-around of Nocturnal). Saves my sanity. I’ll bide my time with an Earthcore rerun, but tell your publisher to get the lead out already. Thanks for the brain candy so far, though! 🙂

  9. Rickie

    Hey, Scott! Rickie here. Just wrapping up Earth core now and wanted to see if there was possibly a sequel. Seeing this info got me incredibly excited. I first started reading your books in middle school with Infected. I’ve read Contagious and Pandemic as well. Ancestors added to the list as my favorite (sequel anytime soon? Really liked this book and loved the characters. I also appreciate Tetris masters showing in Pandemic.), then ordered the newer edition of Earthcore about a month ago. Amazing work (poor Cho) and as always, I felt myself really getting into the characters. Just wanted to give you a shout out because I believe you’re an amazing writer and I’m excited to read more of your stories. But seriously though. Bring PeeJ back? Pretty please? (:

  10. Jesse Barnes

    I have listened to earthcore like 5 times I love it so much. I simply can NOT wait for Mt. Fitzroy! I know there are always constraints, but I’ll patiently wait. With that being said I loved the Crypt and wish that you could follow up with that one. I’ve listened to almost every single book you’ve put out Scott. You’re the man!

    1. Ami

      OMG I just finished the audio for Earthcore! So. Epic. I am so, so…SO happy to see your are working on the sequel. I can not wait to see where this store goes! Thank for awesome stores!

  11. RWoodkeIII

    i am listening to the GFL series on Audible for what has to be the 20th time. half way into book two and i think ” when is the next one coming out”? and i find this update about Mount Fitz Roy. I am blown away! I never expected a sequel to earth core. this should be amazing!

    seriously thou whats up with the new GFL book?

    1. scottsigler

      RWood: Yep, we’re working on MOUNT FITZROY. We’re doing something different with the release this time, so stay tuned. As for GFL Book VI, we’ve been talking about it non-stop on the weekly podcast ( And also on Facebook ( and on Twitter ( Do you follow me in any of those places?

  12. Rilleman

    Been a while since last check-in, but OMG did it pay off! Not only is there a new Earthcore to download and loose sleep over, there’s an actual timeframe for MFR!! As winter is just around the corner here in Sweden I’ll soon find myself a nice cozy hole in the ground and go into hibernation but MAN will my lean and grumpy springtime self be keen to log baclk on and read the news! Thanks scott!

  13. Andre Els


    Andre here from Johannesburg, South Africa.

    When are you doing some international visits? LOVE your books!!

    Can’t wait for Mt Fitzroy

    Keep that awesomely weird and warped mind of yours safe 🙂

  14. John Heller

    Ever since I listened to Earthcore, I fell in love with your style and have jumped into so much of your stuff. Finished the Infected books, the Generations books, GFL, Ancestor, Nocturnal and more. It’s been awesome… but Fitz Roy’s still not done! The wait is torture! Spring 2019 is too far away.

    Keep it up tho dude. You’ve earned a new dedicated fan in me.

  15. Judith Vroom

    Follow Michigander here. I love your books.
    Read Infected, Contagious, Pandemic, Nocturnal, Ancestor, and Alive, Alight, and Alone. Anxiously awaiting sequels to
    Nocturnal and Ancestor. Since I am a 66 year old fan, I hope I don’t have to wait too much longer.

  16. Virginia G

    I was first hooked by the Birthday Children from your wonderful Generations Trilogy. I’ve been finding my way through most of what you have written so far – mostly as audiobooks – Thank you so much for those! I just finished the Earthcore audiobook. How do I know if I have the old version or the revised one. Is there a date I should check? Thanks for all your wonderful stories and your views on “the worlds” around you!

  17. George

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! about time Bro your way slow, but I Love your work .ALL we need now is The Crypt part II, and GFL book 7 ,a sequel to Ancestor & Nocturnal . Take my money please

  18. Walt

    Oh I agree! I now drive 2+hrs/day to and from work and found Audible about a year ago. I happened upon Pandemic and absolutely LOVED IT. I had no idea it was book 3. I then found Earthcore and i’m now 25 chapters in and already i’m looking for Book 2. I can’t believe we have to wait til 2019 for the audiobook. UGH.

    I do agree with others, i really wish the book was not NC17 or close to it as i would otherwise, love to have my 11yr old read it but can’t. LOL Maybe when he’s 28! lol

    I really like your books. I’ve added more via audible and look forward to them. Earthcore is nearly over and i have book 1 of the next trilogy already bought and in line to listen to next.


      1. AustinWhitewater

        I am looking forward to the new MFR novel not just because I have read all of your other books and am currently reading the revised Earthcore, but because I have hiked Los Glaciaries National Park in Argentina 3 times in the last 10 years and have stood at Lagnua de los Tres looking up at Cerro Fitz Roy. One of my favorite places on Earth.

  19. Justin Haynes

    Can’t wait for this Scott! Did I hear there was some scuttlebutt of Earthcore being considered for a movie?

    Also, I’m having trouble finding any news about a possible new book in the GFL series. Any update or ballpark ETA by chance? We’re all waiting with bated breath!

    Thanks for sharing with us your twisted mind!

  20. Alex

    Scot been listening to your twisted tells now for years. My first was just after you released infected. I drive for a living so have no time to read a book so audible is my choice. Just finished earthcore for the eighth time, fourth after you rewrote it. Thank you for that, makes it fit your timeline so much better. Thank you for the wonderful story’s Very exited for the next one. What do you and Game of Thrones have in common? I have to what till the spring of 2019 for more!.

  21. Shady1sp

    Scott. You are my favorite author. The 1st book of your I listened to was infected. I loved it and your style. The next book I read was ancestors. That is my all time favorite book from you!!! Earthcore and Nocturnals were next and I loved them as well. I had listened to these on your pod casts and now I’m slowly building my library. Ancestors was my first purchase and I just finished my second, Earthcore.
    At first i was skeptical to hear another person reading Earthcore, but I quickly got over it and enjoyed it as I had before. It had been some time since I’d last heard it, so I couldn’t tell if some things had changed, or if maybe I had just remembered wrong. I think it was when O’doule gave the demonstration of how to ware the KOOL suits I finally convinced my self you had definitely tweaked some things. Listening to the epilogue got me so excited to think a sequel may be in the cards.
    When I was done, I went to your website and read your blog about why it had changed and I’m very happy with what you’ve done and super excited to see a sequel was in the works! Please keep up the good work, and I’ll keep buying it!

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