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The long-awaited sequel to EARTHCORE.

Due out in Spring, 2019.

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  1. George

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! about time Bro your way slow, but I Love your work .ALL we need now is The Crypt part II, and GFL book 7 ,a sequel to Ancestor & Nocturnal . Take my money please

  2. Walt

    Oh I agree! I now drive 2+hrs/day to and from work and found Audible about a year ago. I happened upon Pandemic and absolutely LOVED IT. I had no idea it was book 3. I then found Earthcore and i’m now 25 chapters in and already i’m looking for Book 2. I can’t believe we have to wait til 2019 for the audiobook. UGH.

    I do agree with others, i really wish the book was not NC17 or close to it as i would otherwise, love to have my 11yr old read it but can’t. LOL Maybe when he’s 28! lol

    I really like your books. I’ve added more via audible and look forward to them. Earthcore is nearly over and i have book 1 of the next trilogy already bought and in line to listen to next.


  3. Justin Haynes

    Can’t wait for this Scott! Did I hear there was some scuttlebutt of Earthcore being considered for a movie?

    Also, I’m having trouble finding any news about a possible new book in the GFL series. Any update or ballpark ETA by chance? We’re all waiting with bated breath!

    Thanks for sharing with us your twisted mind!

  4. Alex

    Scot been listening to your twisted tells now for years. My first was just after you released infected. I drive for a living so have no time to read a book so audible is my choice. Just finished earthcore for the eighth time, fourth after you rewrote it. Thank you for that, makes it fit your timeline so much better. Thank you for the wonderful story’s Very exited for the next one. What do you and Game of Thrones have in common? I have to what till the spring of 2019 for more!.

  5. Shady1sp

    Scott. You are my favorite author. The 1st book of your I listened to was infected. I loved it and your style. The next book I read was ancestors. That is my all time favorite book from you!!! Earthcore and Nocturnals were next and I loved them as well. I had listened to these on your pod casts and now I’m slowly building my library. Ancestors was my first purchase and I just finished my second, Earthcore.
    At first i was skeptical to hear another person reading Earthcore, but I quickly got over it and enjoyed it as I had before. It had been some time since I’d last heard it, so I couldn’t tell if some things had changed, or if maybe I had just remembered wrong. I think it was when O’doule gave the demonstration of how to ware the KOOL suits I finally convinced my self you had definitely tweaked some things. Listening to the epilogue got me so excited to think a sequel may be in the cards.
    When I was done, I went to your website and read your blog about why it had changed and I’m very happy with what you’ve done and super excited to see a sequel was in the works! Please keep up the good work, and I’ll keep buying it!

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