Ochthera LEGO model from THE CRYPT

Ochthera LEGO model from THE CRYPT

The GU-44 Ochthera is an armored personnel carrier) in THE CRYPT series. It's the workhorse of the Planetary Union Raiders, used as both an assault craft and for boarding efforts against enemy vessels. It is comparable to the Huey, used in Viet Nam, the Blackhawk, used in Desert Storm, or the modern-day V-22 Osprey

Kelly "the Builder" McArdle is an OJ who has been making LEGO versions of Siglerverse vessels for many a-year. He created this Ochthera model, and it's a banger.

Front-mounted 30 mm GAU-8/A seven-barrel Gatling gun and front ramp.

The plans are free (get them here),  but you gotta buy your own bricks. Fortunately, the plans include all the parts you need to order.

Twin .50-cal machine guns in single 360° ball turret (top), and 4x AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.

It's so slick. The wings fold in and tuck away for operations in space, just like in the book. If the Ochthera needs to do atmospheric work, those wings come out. The landing claws (used for landing on enemy ships) fold up as well. 

This really is an amazing LEGO design.

Both rear and front ramps drop down, exactly like the descriptions in the book.

How much of an OJ is Kelly? Here's a pic of him in his Krakens jersey, letting his LEGO flag fly even while supporting the Orange & Black.

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