Coming Soon: Hunter Hunterson & Sons War Journal Vol. 1

Junkies, here’s the skinny on our next release. Hunter Hunterson & Sons War Journal Vol. 1 is in production and should be available soon, both in eBook and as an audiobook. We want to get ahead of the game and let you know what’s what, in case you already have all these stories.

Here’s what this post covers:

  • Who is the narrator?
  • What’s in this collection?
  • Why are you putting it out this way?
  • Why did you change the titles of the stories?

It’s me, playa! Your Future Dark Øverlord is reading you these tales.

This trinity of terror includes three stories:

  • The Case of the Methed-Out, Parole-Jumping Vampire” was originally titled “Hunter Hunterson & Sons” and in the short story collection Blood is Red.
  • The Case of the San Francisco Fairy” was originally titled “Home” and in the short story collection Bones are White.
  • The Case of the Haunted Safeway” was originally in the anthology “Games Creatures Play.”

There’s a few reasons. First, when I write a short story for someone else, usually the rights to that story come back to us after a couple of years. That’s what allows authors to put out short story collections — tales that were published in various places, gathered together in one tome.

Second, we think that HH&S is a long-term property for us, that someday we may be able to pitch as a comic book and/or TV series. We need to brand it as such, as an intellectual property that could support multiple issues or episodes. Putting these stories together in War Journal Vol. 1 does that for us, and sets us up for Vol. 2, Vol. 3, etc., as I write more stories down the road.

Third, we want to make it easy for fans (OJs and newbies alike!) to get a bunch of the Huntersons in one place, not have to scour the webs to see all of the fam’s tales. With the explosive growth of audiobooks, Audible has become our primary marketplace. Audible listeners like series far more than short story collections, so we’re putting the Hunterson tales out in a format more suited to those customers.

Keep in mind that while the hardcore Junkies may have already consumed these tales, there are millions of Audible listeners and eBook readers who have not. Positioning the property as a series gives us a greater chance to reach many new fans.

That’s related to the question above. Moving forward, we’re branding the Hunterson as an episodic series. All stories will begin with “The Case Of,” providing a uniform theme. We also think that approach helps communicate the crass humor of the series (as in the yet-to-be-written “The Case of the Angry Dooker”), and Hunter’s persistent befuddlement with the liberal city in which he lives (“The Case of the  $15 Burger”).

This also gives us the opportunity to put out single, novella-length HHS stories if the need arises. If the Audible algorithm serves up “The Case of the Sharting Zombie” by Scott Sigler, for example, listeners would know immediately that a new Hunterson tale is afoot.

Now you’ve got all the info. We hope you grab the collection in eBook, Audiobook, or both. If this collection isn’t for you, all good, as we have plenty more coming down the pipe in 2019.

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  1. Alison

    Scott, are these the exact same recordings from before, or re-written/re-recorded at all? Loved them the first time around, and can’t wait for more down the road. Thanks!