I’m endorsed by Ernie Ball!

Hey, in addition to writing ‘dem books, I play bass guitar and I’m tickled to announce that I am now endorsed by Ernie Ball, the world’s leading manufacturer of strings and accessories. Through my work recording and playing live for Evan Diamond & The Libary, I’m now an endorsed musician!

A few of Ernie Ball’s many endorsees include Lenny Kravitz, the awesome Cliff Williams of AC/DC, John Myung of Dream Theater, Jamie Mathias of Bullet for My Vallentine and the Grammy Kingpin Bruno Mars.

It’s a big deal to me. As a young musician, you put in countless hours of practice learning to play the songs of your musician idols. For me, my major bass influences were Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Duff McKagan (Guns & Roses), Mike Watson (Dangerous Toys) and, of course, Cliff Williams. I’d listen to their songs and obsesses about what gear they used. I’d read the guitar magazines and see their endorsements for instruments, amps and strings. And now, I have a wee little endorsement of my own!  Very cool, man, very cool.

As for the brass tacks, I’m endorsing  and Slinky Cobalt™ for most of my basses, and primarily my 5-string Music Man Stingray, my main weapon of choice with Evan Diamond. I use a custom string configuration, (.45, .65, .80, .100, .125). That’s the standard Cobalt pack with a .125 for the B-string instead of the stock .130, which I feel is a little too thick for what I do (awwww yeah …). My ears aren’t great at sussing out variances and nuances between strings, but to me the Cobalts have a fat bottom end (awwww yeah) with less mids and crisp highs that help bring clarity to my fingerstyle playing (I don’t use a pick).

So here’s a big thanks to my Ernie Ball (and my rep Tim!) for letting me join their Awesome Family of Awesome. And a big thanks to my pal Jack Andrad (Junkies may recognize him as the guitar stud from UNCROWNED, currently playing with the band Gears) for introducing me to Tim.

And if you think I’m going to do my first-ever endorsement without a brooding bass hero pic? Girl, you crazy. Here’s my mandatory bass hero pose with my new Slinky Cobalts!

Mandatory bass hero pose.

And, of course, we can’t fail to mention our longtime sponsor “GoDaddy Promo Codes” that has been a supported of this blog and podcast for over a decade. 


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