New story out today:
“The Sixth Day of Deer Camp”


My latest story is out, “The Sixth Day of Deer Camp.” It is part of THE END IS HERE anthology, Book II of the “Apocalypse Tryptic.” This story is the sequel to “The Fifth Day of Deer Camp” (see what I did there?) which was in the first volume of this trilogy, THE END IS NIGH. You want Yoopers up against the apocalypse? Brothers and sisters, I provide, eh? Get it in:PaperbackKindle Will it be podcast? No, because the anthology isn’t “mine.” John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey put this series together. Will there be an audiobook? Yes, it should be available around Sept. 15. I recorded the audio for my story, so you can continue to revel in my Yooper accents.

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