PANDEMIC book tour rolling along

Today I’m heading from Baltimore to Nashville for Stop #5 on the PANDEMIC tour. Last night’s turnout in Baltimore was killer, as was Philly the night before, Boston the night before that, and Chicago the night before that. Looking forward to Nashville, then LA and finally San Diego. This book tour has been positively kick-ass.

Seven cities in seven days is a bit of a haul. Add in the San Francisco stop, it’s eight cities in nine days. Getting enough sleep is already an issue, as bar hopping with the Junkies is mandatory after every book reading (except Nashville, sorry, all, got to fly in and out the same day, so no pub crawl this time out). Sleep is critical: so easy to let it slide, but as soon as you do, your immune system weakens and with all the hand shaking I’m doing (and, yes, deep French kissing, because I loves me all mah fans …), I’m bound to get exposed to bugs.

The voice is holding out well, despite four straight nights of reading, Q&A, and screaming at the bar (I’m loud, it’s who I am, and when I get excited, the volume tends to go up).

I won’t name names because this post would be too damn long, but I have already seen many of my favorite people and there are still three cities to go. We’re selling books, signing books, drinking beverages, and it’s a damn good time.

If you’re coming to a stop, do try to buy PANDEMIC or another Sigler book (or any book, for that matter) at the bookstore. I’m thrilled y’all pre-ordered, but a few more bucks to patronize the bookstores that host me when I come to see you helps the overall cause of publishing and bookselling.

I don’t care what your co-workers or classmates say about you: I love you anyway.

There have also been some very interesting lamps.

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