A Sklorno’s long-lost little cousin

Ever scoff at the semi-transparent Sklorno of the Siglerverse? Well, Doubting Junkie, I give you this stunning video of a juvenile Moray eel. It’s a mind-bender to watch this lil’ guy float along with the current. Now, imagine this effect transplanted to the eight-foot-tall Denver. Oy.

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      1. Twainy

        @scottsigler … oops … ugh … Note to self: don’t go visiting Siglerville AFTER going to the bar. Bubble baths will be out of the question for awhile! ARGH! And that spider web outside my front door has given me CHEETO nightmares! This can be a scary place! I have to admit the baby eel is cool! Eight foot tall, not so much!! The reality of it is CREEPY! x