FridayFix™: Scott's Talks@Google Interview!

Back in March, Scott visited Google in New York City to be part of the “Talks @ Google” series of author interviews.

Google NYC is awesome. Our host Jeffrey Kohl is awesome. It was a grand ‘ol time, as Sigler would say.

The teaser for the talk:
As traditional publishing models began to shift and change, Scott leveraged some new techniques and new technologies to successfully navigate the traditional system. As the whole system changes again with advancing tech and more direct-to-consumer outreach thanks to social media, the successful content creator (like Scott) must embrace new technologies and still understand the successes of the traditional methods, and use both.

It’s a little less than an hour long, and Scott and Jeffrey talk all over the Siglerverse map, including the Junkies, the NOCTURNAL television show, the future of Dark Øverlord Media, and more! Enjoy!

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  1. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Very cool interview.  Mind if I ask why you someday may use other voices in the audio books?

  2. scottsigler

    @BigJohn: Yeah, that would have been good. I get a little confused in my melon about that, since I can’t do anything about the eBooks for Crown. 

  3. BigJohn

    Great interview. I wish you would have mentioned that you also give away the ebooks for the self-published books when you buy a hardcover. That’s such a brilliant move.