Young Adult Books

New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler has several books that are suitable for young adult book readers: ALIVE, Book I of the Generations Trilogy, and the Galactic Football League series.

All of these books are language-appropriate. They have significant amounts of violence, on par with what people see on primetime network television shows.

ALIVE is Book I of the Generations Trilogy. Book II, ALIGHT, and Book III, ALONE, should be out in 2016 and 2017, respectively.


This series has five novels available as eBooks, audiobooks and in paperback. This series is ideal for the young person in your life that loves science fiction and/or sports. In fact, we get constant feedback from readers, parents and teachers that kids who didn’t think they liked to read consumed the entire GFL series, and then moved on to other novels. We are proud to turn people on to the written word.

The GFL series resonates with athletes because Scott was an athlete in high school and in college. He understands the sacrifice, hard work and commitment necessary to compete at sports highest levels. Unfortunately, in science fiction most times athletes are represented as “dumb jocks,” as bullies, or even worse.  In the GFL young adult books, athlete readers will quickly understand this series was written by one of their own. They will identify with the story and that makes them excited to finish all five books.

In addition, there are three GFL novellas, for a total of eight books in the series, with more on the way. These are young adult books as well, although very mature with intense drama and some violent situation.

We strongly recommend you begin with THE ROOKIE, which is Book I in this young adult books series.

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