The way 2020 has gone, it’s not as surprising as it might have been.

But it’s still sad: SiglerFest X is officially canceled. And since it was to be our last SiglerFest due to an ever intensifying writing schedule, it’s also the end of SiglerFest.

We’ve thought through all the options, I assure you. The only right answer for EmptySet is to accept that SiglerFest is done. We are not equipped to host a virtual version of SiglerFest (although we encourage you to join our weekly SIGLERinPLACE on every Wednesday at 6:00pm PST.) We are not equipped to put SiglerFest on hold until 2022 or beyond. We are (sadly) done hosting SiglerFests.

Trust me, as bummed out as that might make you feel, it’s been a heavy hit for us. SiglerFest has marked the last decade of growth for EmptySet and for Scott and I: professionally, of course, but also personally.

SiglerFest has become, as I say, “the best family reunion I never knew I needed,” so it’s terribly hard to let it go now, when we have no idea when family reunions will be a thing again. And we know we’re not the only ones missing the feeling of being surrounded by your peeps: it’s all of us, for a million reasons.

But the Siglers are nothing if not forward looking! After a whole lot of thought, we realized that the only thing that could combat the anticipation of a wait that could be years longs was to stop waiting. We’re going to move forward in this novel timeline the only way we know how: making cool things for cool people, connecting however we can until we can connect with other humans again!

We’re such lucky people: We get to continue to create here in lockdown, bringing you long-promised stories and connecting weekly live.

Here’s to the future and hoping the best is yet to come!