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THE GANGSTER is the sixth book in the Galactic Football League series. The limited-edition hardcover should ship in Q2, 2021. Pre-order the hardcover and you get the eBook for free!

The ongoing battle between star quarterback Quentin Barnes and team owner Gredok the Splithead is coming to a head. Endless threats and promises of ultraviolence hang on their every word. With sentients of several groups trying to manipulate or kill him, Quentin must chart a new course if he is to survive and overcome his injury to once again lead his beloved Krakens into battle.

Audible and Kindle version out now, other versions soon . 

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    1. scottsigler

      Bee: Sorry, I thought I had responded to this earlier. We’ve submitted THE GANGSTER to layout for print, and to Audible for the full, unabridged audiobook. Audible version should be available sometime in February, barring any technical issues. As for the print version, it’s in the closing stages but we still can’t give an expected date.

  1. Rugarru

    Just spreading FD0 godspell to a neighbour last week about this amazing series, toll him to start reading “The Rookie”

    I love all your books and had read and listen all GFL books several times.

    Should I takeout “The Gangster” from my Christmas list?

    1. scottsigler

      Rugarru: Thank you for spreading the Stank! As for your Christmas list, probably. We don’t have a definitive eBook / audiobook release date. We’ve learned our lesson about promising things we can’t deliver. But soon!

  2. Bee Yang

    Hey there. Eager fan here. Do we have an expected ETA as 2020 edges closer to being done? Or do you think the wait will spill over into 2021?
    Also, Mitchell Faied was babbling about the banana meteors when he died in the Rookie (I was very sad by this because the Machine was one of my favorites). Will that ever get referenced, or was that just the nonsensical ramblings of a dying man?

    1. scottsigler

      Bee: We just finished the raw recording of the audiobook. That’s the last step before sending the manuscript on to layout for print and eBook (I always find little things when I read the text out loud for the audiobook).

      So we don’t have a release date yet, but we have moved into the final stages of the project.

      1. scottsigler

        Jacob: Well if you finish CONTAGIOUS, you probably want to finish Book III, PANDEMIC. But even after those, you might as well dive into THE ROOKIE. You might not be done with the GFL series before THE GANGSTER comes out, but you’ll be closer!

  3. Jacob Houchlei

    I can not wait any longer!!! This is my favorite series of books/audiobooks. You do a great job on the audio. I have listened to the entire series 5 times. I stumbled on The Rookie at a Loves gas station years ago, and it was the best purchase I have ever made! Hope things work out for you to get it out ASAP! Have a great day! And thank you, for everything!

  4. Del Gann

    Hey Scott, I hope you read this. First off, let me just say my father and I are MASSIVE fans of the GFL series and are extremely excited for this next book.
    So, of course we pre-ordered this book, but when we pre-ordered it, we lived back in California, between then and now, we have moved across the country. My father and I are wondering if there is a way to change our mailing address to where we live now. Thanks and keep up the great writing!

  5. Jacob Liebler

    Scotty, boogaloo, we gonna need that book by the end of the month; or there might be an unfortunate accident ya see?!

    Take your time! I think we are all just excited but understand the global situation.
    I am ready for the audio book and appreciate all the work you out in to make them as cinematic as possible.
    Keep the good stories coming!!!

  6. Bee Yang

    Hi there. Just checking in. Is there a more set-in-stone date for when book6 is hitting audiobook providers, (as I’m not interested in the hardcover version). I am also re-listening to the Graphic Audio versions which is how I got introduced to GFL, and I am just constantly blown away by how good the series is. I’m not even a football or Scifi fan (I mostly prefer epic fantasy and LITRPG), but this is definitely in my all time top favorite books alongside other works such as the Night Angel trilogy. I had one spoiler-ish question, though.

    When Mitchell Faied (sorry for the mispelling) was killed in book1, he murmured something that sounded like “The Banana Meteors.” Or something? Is this of relevance? Or was it just the mutterings of a dying man?
    Almost done with book 1 and going to binge the rest. I believe this is my fifth or so time listening to the series, and each time, I am just blown away.

    1. scottsigler

      Bee: First off, I love that you love the GFL! Especially because you aren’t a sports or scifi fan. Comments like that tell me I’m doing something right with the story, because you’re in even though those genres are not your cups o’ soup.

      We are closing in on a pub date for Book VI. I just finished the final draft. It has to go through a continuity edit. Once that is complete, we will have a good idea. We expect to publish before the end of 2020, but with print houses shuttered from COVID at this time, we can’t be certain of anything.

  7. Bee Yang

    I saw that the book is supposed to be out in April. Did I miss something, or can we expect it soon? I’m interested more in the audiobook more than the hardcover or paperback. And of course, graphic audio’s rendition!

    1. A Sigler

      Hey! While the site says over a thousand, that’s mostly because we haven’t set up the print run as yet. Almost assuredly, this will work the way all the other GFL books have worked: We’ll order 2000 hardcovers, having sold about 85% of those. Then we’ll wait a while (somewhere between six months and a year) and print paperbacks!

  8. Michael


    I am very disappointed. I wish I had been told on April 1st (the day I ordered and paid for this book) that I would be waiting at least 8 months for it to be shipped. What makes it even worse is the emails and social media posts urging me to buy, read and listen to other books that have been released since then. If there is a reason for such a long delay it would have been nice to have received an email or two with an explanation at some point over the last 7 months. I have always enjoyed buying and reading your work, but now I feel like the customer experience has taken away some of the fun.

    1. A Sigler

      So sorry to hear that you are disappointed by the pre-order of the GANGSTER. It’s totally understandable, and it’s difficult to manage now. I am making no excuses, because what’s important is that you’re disappointed.

      In any case, we’ve always been transparent that we were promising to ship by April 2020, and it’s been up front on the order page since we launched it.

      But that is an imprecise measurement, so I understand it might have felt more like “we’re working hard on this, and SHOULD ship sooner.”

      All that said, It’s unlikely to come out sooner than that, so I’m here to fix what I can fix for you.

      I’m not sure the explanation above helps at all, so if you like I’m happy to refund your order so you don’t have to wait while we have your money.

      I know the GANGSTER will be out in 2020, but that’s all I know for now, and that might not be enough. Would you like me to do that? (I do have to note that if I refund your order and you choose to place an order once it’s closer to shipping, your book number will be higher since your order date will be later.)

    2. scottsigler

      ARealGirl has covered most of it. I’d also like to point out the stuff we have put out since you pre-ordered was A) already in the pipeline, and B) digital-only (eBook and audio), which is a much different beast than the tricked out hardcover that is THE GANGSTER. Putting out digital products is less difficult.

  9. Casey Bond

    You know, today I found out that I didn’t get this big job that I applied for and really want.. but that didn’t make me nearly as sad as finishing up The Champion on Audible. I can’t wait for the new book, you really create such an amazing universe, thanks for the hours of escape!

  10. Grogimus

    I can’t wait to read more about Barnes, your books helped me get through the long tedium of cancer treatment, and I just want to say thank you for giving me something to look forward too during that time

  11. Number47

    Absolutely cannot wait for this book to release. I’m almost tired of re-reading/listening to books I to V … almost.
    When is this getting turned in to a movie franchise though…? Or maybe HBO will pick it up now that GoT is done and dusted? 😉

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