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“Cutting-edge science, a perfectly-realized setting, terror both plausible and profoundly unsettling — EarthCore is more exciting than a thriller has any right to be!”
Lincoln Child: New York Times bestselling co-author of RELIC, THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES and DEEP STORM

Deep below a desolate Utah mountain lies the largest platinum deposit ever discovered. A billion-dollar find, it waits for any company that can drill a world’s record, three-mile-deep mine shaft.

EarthCore is the company with the technology, the resources and the guts to go after the mother lode. Young executive Connell Kirkland is the company’s driving force, pushing himself and those around him to uncover the massive treasure.

But far beneath the surface, where the rocks are so hot they burn bare skin, something has been waiting for centuries. Waiting … and guarding.  Kirkland is about to find out firsthand why this treasure has never been unearthed.

“From where I stand, Sigler is at the top of the tree.”
Jason Bradbury: BBC

“An exciting read, and very highly recommended for all science fiction enthusiasts, EarthCore would be a popular addition to community library SciFi collections and documents Scott Sigler as an effective, entertaining storyteller.”
Midwest Book Review

“I loved this book! Right from the start it built the tension and had me wondering ‘What the heck is it?’ Then, after the reveal it had me squirming in my chair going “Oh my God! EEK!!”
Melanie Gilbreath: Coffee Time Romance

“EarthCore may be considered a sci-fi novel, but I would rate it right up there with some of my favorite creepy horror novels. EarthCore is a fantastic choice to add to your bookshelf.”
Tracy Farnsworth: Roundtable Reviews

“Bad things happen to bad people in this book. Then they happen some more. Very. Bad. Things. Things that make you wonder just what sort of childhood the author must have lived through. No way I’m going caving with him anytime soon. Or letting him near knives in my presence.”
Evo Terra: Founder of

“One thing I particularly like is that Sigler didn’t pull his punches or cop-out at any point. All the threats lined up at the beginning of the book were delivered on before the end. In fact I strongly recommend that you not get too attached to any characters as Sigler is ruthless at culling them throughout the novel.”
Eoghann Irving: Solar Flare

“There’s a lot to recommend this book, and anyone who enjoys sf thrillers will enjoy this.”
Steve Mazey: EternalNight

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  1. JohnEBRawton

    I’m an audiobook guy. Found you way back on podiobooks where I first heard you read earthcore and became a junkie.
    I wanted to go back and have a listen before starting Fitzroy and was disappointed not to hear you this go around.
    Fortunately I did find Ancestor and the Starter on a drive so it’s almost like you never left.
    I must say though, I’m getting pulled right back in. Feels like first time.
    Thanks for that.
    John E.B. Rawton

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    1. scottsigler

      Brian: Sorry you don’t dig Ray Porter’s narration. We love the guy’s work! He’ll be doing more of my books in the future. As for where to find the old version, try the “Sigler Junkies” Facebook group. You can ask in there, some of those peeps might have it.

      1. Two-Tone

        PLEASE tell me that if it’s not you reading your books, it’s Porter. He was awesome in the Bobiverse series by Dennis E Taylor, where I first heard him, so when I started listening to the revised EARTHCORE I was elated to hear him again. He is just so damn good and his narration style gels with your writing style perfectly.

        If I can’t have you reading your books, give me Ray Porter (Although I bet JC Hutchens would do a good job :P) or give me deaf.

          1. Two-Tone

            I’m confused. My comment was about how awesome Porter is in Earthcore and wanting him to read your future books if they’re not read by you. I’ve already listened to Earthcore, which should have been at least somewhat clear with “so when I started listening to the revised EARTHCORE I was elated to hear him again”.

          2. scottsigler

            Two-Tone: Oh snap, my bad: my tired eyes missed the “IF it’s not you” and read “PLEASE tell me it’s not you reading your books.” I’ve been working a lot lately. And also there’s all that meth.

      2. Annie

        I only downloaded this book *because* it was Ray Porter! Glad I did, excellent listen. One question though, and I’ll admit I might have missed it due to kangaroos in the drive home changing my focus, what happened to the naked person running v up the tunnel? Did I miss a death? Or will this all be explained in the sequel?

          1. Annie Jenkins

            Thanks for the nekkid pot roast info – but I see from the history that I’m new to this book, and its sequel was podcast years and years ago. Is Mt Fitzroy coming to Audible and Mr Porter is the foreseeable future?

  3. Bertman

    Finished Earthcore on Audible. Awesome! Ray Porter was a great reader. The story went all kinds of crazy and I loved it! Characters were very quirky and I had a love/hate relationship with many of them. Many emotions were elicited by the cast of characters, including disgust and rage. I do, however, have a single point of criticism that really bothered me, and at times yanked me out of the story. These folks are involved in a record-breaking, history-making, monumental task. There is not a single Kodak moment. No cameras, no camcorders, no camera apps on smartphones or tablets, no GoPro, no drones with cameras, nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Seriously?

    1. scottsigler

      Bertman: Information security was critical to Connell. He had to contain all messages out to prevent competitive companies from discovering the location and moving in.

      • Everyone is searched when they arrive at camp: all cell phones and recording devices are taken away: “Because if he moved — either toward the camp or father away from it — the Mountain might know he was there.
        And it would come and get him.
        No cell phone. Connell had taken it.
        If anyone had got out, they might be hurt. Burned by the fire, injured by falling on rock. And, Sonny had heard gunfire. Faint echoes, but no mistaking it.”
      • If anyone in the camp had such devices, that no longer matters.
      • The people in the tunnels did not have such equipment.
  4. Jeff Mabey

    I just finished Earthcore (the re-write) and was blown away! it was amazing! i finished the infected serious previous to EC, and just started Ancestor.

    I am curious to the difference in endings of the original Earthcore and the re-write. Is there any document about the differences? Just curiosity!

    keep it up Scott!

    1. scottsigler

      Jeff: Awesome! So glad you liked it. There isn’t a point-by-point document of the changes between the old versions. They are similar, to be sure, but the new version is an up-level in intensity.

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  6. John Heller

    This is the first of your books I ever read, and I was in love with it from beginning to end. I downloaded the audible version earlier this year and suddenly I had my gateway into the wild world of Sigler. I thought this was an incredible ride. There were a lot of characters I didn’t like at first but I grew to root for as the story went on. I think that’s the mark of excellent writing. Lately I’ve been dropping hints to my friends and family about your stuff too! Can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon.

    1. scottsigler

      John: We’re thrilled you enjoyed it! And, yeah, some of these characters are shit-heels that — hopefully — you grow to empathize with. I don’t have cookie-cutter good guys and bad guys in my work (or I try not to have them). And just you wait until I finish the sequel, MOUNT FITZ ROY. Talk about conflicting emotions about characters …

      1. Michael

        How’s that sequel coming? Really lookin forward to it! Anything you can recommend of our other works that are similar enough to hold me over?
        Thanks in advance and Earthcore was an amazing adventure I am so glad I found it !!
        Happy new year ! Was a great way to start the year with this book !

        1. scottsigler

          Michael: We’re well into the first draft of MOUNT FITZ ROY. I suggest following our Facebook page to keep up on the latest ( and/or twitter ( We’re hoping to have the book out in late 2018 or early 2019. Have you read my Galactic Football League series? Tryst me, you’ll dig it Also check out HELL DIVERS as one of my recent favorite fun reads.

  7. Chuck Minskoff

    Love updated Earthcore, just finished it. want sequel!

    started with infected and have been hooked ever since.

    you have become a true master story teller!

  8. David Kobia

    This update is phenomenal. Unfortunately the Generations Trilogy hasn’t been as exciting. This on the other hand is a nice return to Infected, Ancestor and Nocturnal, a genre you do so well. Thanks again.

  9. Linas

    Oh man,i remember when i finished reading INFECTED i decided that it was the best read in my life,and then i discovered EARTHCORE and i have no right words how good and even much better those books was!! especially ANCESTOR..i just wanted those books to have no end,absolutely unbelievable reads,i envy for those who did not read them yet!
    Thank you,and greetings from Lithuania

  10. Jeff Hexter

    Finished it last night. Better than the original. Left a five star review on and (and I will put one on when they have the “new” version of the book available to comment on)

    It was SO enjoyable to revisit my first experience of Siglerism in such a wonderful, improved way.

    Bravo! And thank you for all you do.

  11. Clayton

    Bravo Scott. I read a ton of sci-fi, earthcore was amazing, as a testament, this is the only time I have commented to the author and written a review…. If you need any free military consultation or software consultation as you write MT. FITZROY, please reach out.

    1. Jeffery Navarro

      I still like Scotts reading of the original which i have better than the new one.( its great as well but I love Scotts reading of EC and Ancestor better) His characterizations are just more gritty. Being from Michigan I love his references to it in his stories. Def one of my favorite authors .twisted in a good way.

    1. scottsigler

      Steve: Best way to make sure you’re notified is to sign up for the newsletter. Button at top right of page (on a desktop, mobile has that mobile menu thing top left, I believe). We don’t know when we’ll have the pre-order.

  12. Ian

    So I feel like a total ass clown for not looking at the website for the release of EarthCore….after asking you 900 times about when it was coming out LOL…super pumped for this! I loved this book. The fact that there’s now MORE…is just the freaking bee’s knees

    1. scottsigler

      Ian: These things happen. We’ve found it’s impossible to keep everyone informed of all the stuff we’re doing. Pretty much if you don’t listen to the podcast and aren’t subscribed to the newsletter, there’s no way we can keep you up to date!

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  14. Mahnibanani

    Despite of getting old and elder, I’d love to leap one year ahead to get this one right now in my palms…

    But, seriously: How to make this classic better..? The only way that comes to mind is: By finally starting Mt. Fitzroy! 🙂


    1. scottsigler

      Mahnibanani: Now that EARTHCORE is in final production (meaning, I am done with all the writing parts), now we can look at getting MT. FITZROY on the docket. And I think you’ll like the final EARTHCORE. A lot.

  15. Jonathan Chasse

    Any one have the old book i was about half way thought it with my girlfriend and i only had up to chap 28-29. its the 2ed time I have got to here it but my girlfriend is left hanging. any help?

    1. scottsigler

      Jonathan: Those are gone, I’m afraid. Best bet is to go to Facebook and join the group “Sigler Junkies.” Post your need there, join the community. Other Junkies might be able to help you out.

  16. Andy F

    Favorite Sigler book of all of them. Went to listen to it again and it’s been pulled for re-write. What’s the release date for this as I’ll happily pick it up on Audible. 2015 is nigh over and I’m sad that I’m going to have to suffer without earthcore man. Anyway, hope you get it out soon!

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    1. A Sigler

      Hi Brian,

      There are plans to release an updated version as a ebook sometime later this year. At the moment, there are no firm plans to make a print version, but a general idea that we’ll do a small run of print books when the sequel is also finished, as a special edition.


  18. Perry Barnes

    Wait a second, in the version of Earthcore I’ve read, Earthcore headquarters is in Detroit. And the story tease place after the events in Contagious, right? So…

      1. Gary Pooler

        So, here, as of April 2014 you state that Earthcore is available to listen to for free. Here we are in April of 2015 and searching iTunes for Earthcore yields nothing. Why aren’t all previous versions of Earthcore available for download for free?

        1. scottsigler

          @Hobart_Floyt: All previous versions of books aren’t available for free because we’re dedicated to story continuity, not just now, but ten, twenty and thirty years from now. When EARTHCORE is re-released near the end of 2015, that will be the only official version. We want kids who are in grade school now to be able to enjoy the Siglerverse as a well-integrated experience when they are in their twenties and thirties.

          The other (and related) reason is torrent sites and pirates. We remove old files in an effort to mitigate proliferation of books that are a) lower-quality audio, and b) no longer canon. Again, no matter how people come across my work, we want them to see the final version that properly integrates into the larger Siglerverse contest.

          1. Gary Pooler

            I see. Thank you for the reply. I wasn’t here at the beginning. I was just thinking that it would be cool to hear how it all began. Que sera, sera.

          2. Andy Dillbeck

            Really looking forward to the re-release of Earthcore.

            Got my brother hooked with the GFL books, and he just got to the parts with the Prawatt. I told him they show up in another book with a bit of the plot, and he is excited to listen to it next.

            I still have the original Earthcore files on my computer still, but I’d like him to hear the full cannon updated version instead.

  19. Robi Keifert

    just like to say I’m a huge fan, even before the joe rogan podcasts, I can not wait for the Earthcore sequel !!! this sort of thing is my bag baby.- Robi Keifert, Salt Lake City, UT

  20. Marios

    Wow, all prints have been gathered and destroyed?

    That makes my first print, dedicated and signed copy worth some serious bucks!

    But I wouldn’t sell it for the world!

    Keep up the good work Scott, can’t wait for Earthcore 2!

    1. scottsigler

      @No JacqiB: Because we had to buy up the print copies that were not yet sold and destroy them as part of our five-book deal with Crown Publishing. Crown wanted all the rights to All Things Sigler and didn’t want competition in the marketplace.

      We do plan on re-publishing it in the near future, but can’t say exactly when.


    GO “A” you’re da BEST

    I’m still here…I’m listening. JU you ungrateful fish-terd. 2 fumbles what the SHUCK!

    ……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000…..NOCTURNAL (Rewrite) Byron Metz (as “Baldwin Metz,” medical examiner for San Francisco police)

  22. BigJohn

    Just gonna throw it out there…


    Thanks, A. You are invaluable, and much, much appreciated. 🙂


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

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