Writing retreat was a smash success

Writing retreat was a smash success

Time to say goodbye to the Cheboygan writing retreat. That's me and Rob Otto out on the dock at Mullet Lake, as we started and ended each day's plotting, hashing out the tricky bits of Slay Season Two. We finished Two's outline ahead of schedule, so we did Three. Then Four. Then most of Five. In short, we spanked it like a cattle-stealing wyvern that needed to be put down.

SLAY Seasons Two through Five are funny, sad, and violent, full of people trying to do the best they can to deal with their messed-up lives. Oh, and also kill a bunch of monsters.

I think y’all are going to love the full story. You won’t hear Season Two until December-ish. Whoever makes it to the end of Season One will be back.

ARealGirl Herself shored us up and made certain Rob and I could focus on work. She's the bomb.

Rob and I used the "evening shift" to hang out with our old high school classmates. Bob and Tina and Conolly and Jody and Heidi and Nancy and Carol and Andy, it did my soul wonders to see you all again. Greatest class in Cheboygan High School history. This is known.

Coach and Ma Sigler came up, as did my brother Irv, my other-mother Sandy, and my other-sister Jakki.

Friends, family, long hours of work, a stunning view, and reconnecting with my home town. Ten of ten. No notes.

Mullet Lake at night with a lovely fire

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