Who would you cast as Bryan Clauser?

Bryan Clauser

We're still working on the pitch for the NOCTURNAL television series.

First off, an update: I still don't have a contract for the option. It's a strange thing, because we're toiling away on a series bible and writers are scripting the first draft of a pilot episode. No, I still can't say who is involved. This is a demanding, fun and educational process, so we're plowing forward hoping that the deal comes through. The task itself provides sufficient reward – so, even if it falls through, A and I are learning a lot about the business, which makes it all worthwhile.

Joe ManganielloNow, onto the good stuff. On Sunday I watched THE WALKING DEAD, then Chris Hardwick's THE TALKING DEAD. His guests were Robert Kirkman (WALKING DEAD creator) and Joe Manganiello (pictured at left), an actor from the series TRUE BLOOD and the movie MAGIC MIKE. If you don't know Joe Manganiello, he's an excellent actor and a pure specimen of manliness. He's also a crazy genre fan: loves comics, loves WALKING DEAD. I thought to myself: Self, here's an action star that likes the horror, who can glower like nobody's business, and who can really sell fight scenes ... wouldn't he make a great Bryan Clauser?

(Yes, I talk to myself a lot. And I always address myself as "self," although sometimes when I fear my own powers, I say "Mr. Self," or, "Your High Holy Selfness.")

I sent my little idea to the producer, and he loved it. Awesome! We're on the same page for what might make an ideal leading actor for the NOCTURNAL series! Then the producer reminded me of a wee little detail: Manganiello is a prominent actor on a top-rated series. He's probably not looking for anything new at the moment.

Common sense, right? Hey, I'm new here, cut me some slack.

That got me to thinking of a casting director's plight. If you want a lead actor with a pedigree, especially a pedigree in the genre world, how do you find a marquee name when the marquee names are already working?

So now, little man (and/or little woman), I give the watch to you. Who do you think would make a great Bryan Clauser for a TV series?

BUT WAIT! There are rules ...


  1. He can't be a prominent character on a current series, unless that series is in its last season. So, no, we couldn't get a Kit Harrington or a Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (both from GAME OF THRONES).

  2. He can't be an active movie star Yes, I'd shoot a Hobbit in the face to get Brad Pitt, but Brad's a little busy ... so is Channing Tatum, Will Smith, etc., etc.

  3. ACTING!He's got to be believeable as a bad-ass. Yes, I know that comes down to ACTING! (quick shout-out to Jon Lovitz), but I think a TV Bryan Clauser has to sell "danger." One look at this guy should make you think, "maybe I won't poke him in the chest just to see what happens."

  4. He has to look the right age: 30-40. Please do not comment "Tom Selleck back in the day would be perfect!" Don't do that. Don't be that guy.

  5. No, I don't want to know who is the perfect Pookie Chang. Not yet, anyway. Focus on Bryan.

  6. A name and a face we know? Packaging a series involves selling it to networks and producers. While they will go with new faces (TRUE BLOOD was full of 'em, and it's a hit), someone with TV street cred is a better pitch for us. Not a deal-breaker by any stretch, but hey, if you were investing your money in a series, wouldn't you rather have someone that people already want to see?

Have at it, my Junkies! And feel free to play off of each other's comments: if someone comes out of the blue with a great pick and you like it better than your pick, say so.


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