New Krakens helmet for 2686 season

New Krakens helmet for 2686 season

The new helmet for the Ionath Krakens of the Young Adult YA scifi series The Galactic Football League, available at http://www.scottsigler.comGredok the Splithead put it to a vote, and over 250 Ionath fans responded to make this helmet the new look for the 2686 season. After 25 years and a major accomplishment (we won't say what, due to spoilers for those who haven't read the series yet), Gredok felt it was time for a change. This design (called "Modified #2" in the voting) was the runaway winner. It features the Krakens logo moved down to the facemask, so that the "tentacles" are more prominent in the overall helmet design. It also gets some hardcore "Krakens Orange" in those tentacles to replace the orange-yellow that has been there for 25 years.

POLL RESULTS 59% - Modified #2 30% - Modified #1 11% - Current

You'll see this helmet in THE CHAMPION, Book V of the GFL series which will ship in September, 2014. Don't have your pre-order in yet? Click here and get some. You need to order by July 11 to get personalization from the FDO.Galactic Football League Book IV is THE CHAMPION, and you can vote on the helmet in this YA / young adult series.
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