You Junkies are on (earth)crack

Well, this is a mind-bender. Here is a video where I fess up about a big mistake on the hardcover edition of THE GANGSTER. At least, what I consider to be a big mistake. No, scratch that, it is a big mistake, no matter how you slice and dice it. We did a bad job. Period. And yet, when I offer to give Junkies their money back for this error, were we flooded with refund requests? No. We didn't get a single refund request. Instead, we sold sixteen more books in twenty-four hours. Wut? Are you Junkies all on the crack? The outpouring of support after our shuck-up is overwhelming. We're deeply humbled, and deeply honored. Empty Set Entertainment strives to make cool things for cool people. I guess we didn't understand just how cool you all are. A and I are very lucky people to have a fan base like y'all. Tito, pass me a tissue...
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