All GFL logos available for your fantasy football leagues

All GFL logos available for your fantasy football leagues

Consider this post permission for you to use any and all GFL logos for your fantasy football teams and leagues. You don't need to mail us for permission — if you find it online, you can use it. Want your team to be the Ionath Krakens? Cool. The OS1 Orbiting Death? Absolutely. The Y'all Criminals? Catch-kill-cook-eat!

Here are the things you CAN NOT do:

  • Don't contact us looking for particular logos for particular teams. Our apologies, but we just don't have the time. These books ain't gonna write themselves.
  • Don't use our images to make T-shirts, magnets, pennants, or any other merchandise for sale. If you do, we will claim all revenue from said sales. In other words, you'll make us angry. You want team T-Shirts? We sell those ourselves. Have at it!
  • If you wish to make other merch for your personal use, i.e., to rub it in the face of your hated fantasy football rivals, please email We'll consider allowing it, but no promises. 

We realize picking a fantasy team name can be a long-term commitment (I had the Sydney Kangaroos for 20 years, FFS, before I dropped out of the game -- and no, I don't want to join a new league... did I mention these books ain't gonna write themselves?). Rest assured that we're not coming after you in five years and demanding the big bucks for using our stuff. Even if Spielberg buys us out, we'll make sure it's cool.

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