DRUDEN full-cast audio drama out on Halloween

DRUDEN full-cast audio drama out on Halloween

Hey, you wanna hear something really scary?

On Halloween, Graphic Audio is releasing a full-cast dramatization of my original feature-length screenplay DRUDEN, a World War II horror story co-written with director Adrian Picardi

You can read the synopses and pre-order at both Graphic Audio's site and at Audible. Graphic Audio's site has a two-minute sample you can check out.

With a cast of thirteen actors (including me! ) this is a highly produced auditory treat. It sounds awesome. Graphic Audio's slogan is "a movie in your mind," and that's exactly what this is — a full-length horror movie done in audio, with full effects and some pretty damn intense acting.

No trick here, Junkies. It's all treat.

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