New discovery ties in with The Crypt series

New discovery ties in with The Crypt series

An amazing discovery provides some lovely foreshadowing for my next book, SHAKEDOWN, out Oct. 3, 2023, from Aethon Books.

Scientists find evidence of gravitational waves warping space-time throughout the cosmos

How does such a scientific accomplishment relate to my work? Well, take a gander at the article above, then imagine where this tech might be six centuries from now.

In other words, if this discovery is comparable to Leonardo Da Vinci sticking a glass tube beneath the surface of Lake Geneva to measure how fast sound travels underwater, the tech in SHAKEDOWN is modern-day military sonar able to identify specific ships at thirty miles away.

Sonar or radar are apt comparisons, as they is used to detect objects at a distance. In SHAKEDOWN, counter-technology has neutralized most current-day detection methods. The best way to detect vessels is “DARSAT,” an acronym for “Distance and Range, Space and Time,” which utilizes gravitational waves.

I won’t spoil the meat of the story, but suffice to say DARSAT provides some WWII-style cat-and-mouse combat drama.

DARSAT is influenced by countless war films and by BATTLESTAR GALCATICA’s “DRADIS” tech, which itself was inspired by said countless war films. If you were a BSG fan, you’ll see its echoes in SHAKEDOWN and the rest of The Crypt series.

Here’s a short video from PBS explaining the recent discovery:



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