CRYPT Book Two Spotify playlist — add your favorite songs that fit!

CRYPT Book Two Spotify playlist — add your favorite songs that fit!

3:00pm PT Feb 6, 2024 — calling this quits.

While I'm dig that y'all love the upbeat fast metal songs, they aren't for this list. That's why I mention "power ballads" below as a reference. I was looknig for slower songs, dirges, moody shit.

I had to remove the last hundred songs or so because they were all fast-tempo bangers.

Thanks for your takes! It was worth the experiment.



All right, yew Junkies, I'm taking a chance here. 

A chance hat you can do a thing without, for once, the wink-wink elbow-nudge humor so prevalent in Junkieland. 

I'm writing THE CRYPT Book Two. I tend to make a playlist for each of my novels to help me capture the vibe of the story and put my mind in the right place to create all the feels therein.

And this time, I thought I'd let y'all contribute. 

CRYPT II is even darker than SHAKEDOWN. The story strikes me as the characters' haunting, possibly hopeless struggle to deal with a culture that uses them up and spits them out. 

As a GenX metal kid, the songs among my faves that fit this set of emotions are mostly moody, minor-key, metal power ballads from the 1970s-1990s. I'm hoping you can check out these songs and add new ones that fit the vibe. 

Give this list a listen, then add some gems I'm not aware of. All forms of music are fine if they fit the vibe, but considering the aggressive, military aspect of this series, T-Swift or Sarah McLachlan — while they can nail that plaintive, desperate mood — likely won't fit the bill.

And no rap! Rap's lyrical density and deep intricacy pull my writer's mind into the song every time, which pulls my mind away from the story. Trust me, I've tried. I need to write, not start analyzing Megan Thee Stallion's meter and pace.

If you add a song that works for me, love ya! If you add one that doesn't hit my sweet spot (awwww yeah) I'll just remove it, and I love ya! I hope to find some lovely music that has missed my notice.

Yes, some will be tempted to put Brittany Spears, et al, on here. No, it's not funny. It makes a teeny, eextra bit of work for me to remove the intentionally non-vibey songs.

Click here to add the playlist to Spotify.

When you add the playlist, it will appear on the left hand side of your Spotify window. When you come across a great track that fits the bill, just drag it to the list. Bingo-bango, done. 

No problem, put the band name and song title in the comments below. I'll periodically check back here and add them. Same rules apply: some will stick on the list, some won't be quite right for my undefinable vibey needs.

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