SLAY Episode 33: Blood on the Dance Floor

SLAY Episode 33: Blood on the Dance Floor

Billy, Magda, Ariella, and Dragon are at the Old Stone Church, under assault from Butch and the Rolling outlaws. Billy and Butch fought one-on-one. Billy broke Butch’s knee, but his celebration was short-lived — Money Monday beat Billy down, leaving him a limp mess atop the now fifteen-foot-long Dragon, who has been bound up in a ball by a meshwork net provided to Butch by Boss Hawg.

Magda did some damage to B’Lockay and to Money Monday, but she collapsed in fear brought on by memories of her fight with Vestinian and the Umataken. Ariella used her limited magic to drag Magda into the nave and shut the doors tight, leaving men to try and shoulder their way through.

Across town, the club kids and Dante’s Miami thugs are battling it out at Callista’s club. Callista hurt Oleus Oakbeard, but she was knocked silly by Boss Hawg. She’s down, with only Gary Satyr to protect her against Dante’s forces, but Lincoln and Bobby are about to enter the fray.


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