SLAY Episode 30: Sex Magic?

SLAY Episode 30: Sex Magic?

Callista ordered Lincoln to protect her from Dante’s assassins, a murderer’s row that includes Boss Hawg, the Flechette Sisters, and the druid-sorcerer Oleus Oakbeard. Shitbird signaled to Lincoln that Dante’s troops had been spotted. Callista sent Lincoln and her boy-toy Mercutio out to take out an assassin or two before the real battle begins. 

Meanwhile, Billy tried to go to his apartment to warn his Gramma to leave town, but he saw Butch’s men around the place — Billy bailed and pedaled for the Old Stone Church.

Dante and Oleus were on the roof of Callista’s old four-story factory building, using a cockeye to search for Lincoln. If they can find him, they can send the others to take him out.


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