SLAY Episode 14: Lincoln vs. Everybody

SLAY Episode 14: Lincoln vs. Everybody

Pragman, a bounty hunter wielding a pair of old-school Western six-shooters using a lizard-like “hound” to track his targets, cornered Billy in the Nurp Perp’s alley. Pragman was about to shoot Billy down, but the Man in Gray used his crossbow to shoot one of the guns out of Pragman’s hand. The Man in Gray claimed the Billy bounty for himself and told Pragman to either walk away or drawdown.


Meanwhile, unaware of the faceoff between Pragman and Lincoln, Rolling Outlaws gang members Butch and Money Monday talked to Boss Hawg about joining forces to track down Billy. But wait, there are more bounty hunters in the neighborhood — the sword-wielding Flechette Sisters and the sorcerer Oleus Oakbeard are also hunting for Billy.


Now Billy -- and the Nurp Perp -- can do nothing but watch as Billy’s fate is decided for him.


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