SLAY Episode 13: Boss Hawg

SLAY Episode 13: Boss Hawg

Billy was trying to get answers from the Nurp Perp, but first, Big Hack showed up to spoil the party, then the Jerboa shadows appeared.

Several bounty hunters, including Lincoln, an unknown man with six-shooters at his sides and a giant lizard on a leash, hit the Nurp Perp’s neighborhood looking to cash in on a $50k bounty on Billy’s head, a bounty set by Dante Oganov to get revenge on Billy.

Another bounty hunter — known to Lincoln as “Boss Hawg” — also hit the neighborhood. While Lincoln sent Shitbird to hunt for Billy, Boss Hawg hit the 7-11 parking lot to talk to Butch and Money Monday, who, along with Big Hack, are members of the Rolling Outlaws gang that wants Billy to pony up five gees.

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