SLAY Episode 67: Deduction

SLAY Episode 67: Deduction


Thanks to a clue that Delilah Droman planted in Gabriella Radu’s mind, Lincoln and Billy paid a visit to Finicus Sleidan, the maker of the dreamgaunts Teddy Two-Fingers uses to harvest nightmares from the children he’d kidnapped.

Sleidan didn’t know where Teddy was but did reveal the name of the company buying the gaunts – Wholesome Stuff, a firm that supplies restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King. If Ariella, Lincoln, Billy, and Magda can find where Wholesome Stuff ships to, they have a chance at tracking down Teddy, as it’s known Teddy feeds his forty-plus captives fast-food-style burgers and fries.

After following the Wholesome Stuff trail to a dead end, Lincoln and Ariella went to work calling their lawyer contacts, hoping to find someone who could uncover Wholesome Stuff’s business connections via permits, tax returns, and other legal mechanisms.


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