SLAY Episode 66: The Finger(s)

SLAY Episode 66: The Finger(s)

Lincoln visited Gabriella Radu at her home after Teddy ransomed her to her father. The little girl had been through hell and may never fully recover, but she brought with her a clue to Teddy’s whereabouts — a clue planted in her mind by Delilah Droman.

That clue? The name Finicus Sleidan, a darkmesh creator in Trenton, New Jersey, who is possibly the maker of dreamgaunts that Teddy uses on defenseless enlightened children in his hidden nightmare factory.

Meanwhile, Delilah is breaking down. To stay alive and strive for a rescue, she’s used her new aptitude for dream manipulation to magnify the nightmares of Teddy’s captives. How much longer can Delilah keep this up?


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