SLAY Episode 63: The Foreman

SLAY Episode 63: The Foreman

Following the brawl at Stoolie’s Bar, and the showdown with rixator Basil Beverly and adjurator Rochelle Dollar, Billy took Lincoln back to the Old Stone Church.

Teddy Two-Fingers is reveling in his new foreman’s talents. Delilah Droman has been the find of the century for him and his nightmare-harvesting operation.

Delilah, though, isn’t quite as excited. She spends her days amplifying the nightmares of children, forcing them to face their deepest terrors over and over again. If Delilah doesn’t do this, she will be the one experiencing the endless horror, and if she is tossed into that abyss, her plans or escape — for her and for the children — will drift away like that last tatters of a forgotten dream.

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