SLAY Episode 57: Delilah

SLAY Episode 57: Delilah

Kellius Droman and Morgan Stone set off to deal with Teddy Two-Fingers at an undisclosed location, but Teddy, Haimana, and Agneetha attacked Kellius Droman’s Barron Heights mansion with magic and a flame-throwing aerial drone that set Droman’s living guardian trees and much of the mansion ablaze. Lincoln and Billy, who were there guarding Delilah Droman, fought against Agneetha and Haimana’s murderous giant flying centipedes. 

Lincoln had downed a bottle of whiskey, which slowed his reaction time, and let a drone get the drop on him. The drone fired a jet of flame that should have set Lincoln ablaze, but Billy somehow bent the flame toward himself and absorbed it, bringing it into his own body and making him so hot his clothes burned away. Billy was about to use this new power against Agneetha when a shot rang out — a bullet hit his shoulder, dropping him.

Keg-sized killer beetles ripped the floor out from under Delilah. Lincoln dove after her but lost her in the smoke. She was taken by Agneetha, Teddy, and Haimana, who shot across Barron Heights and vanished into the night. 

Lincoln, unable to chase them, rushed to help Billy.


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