SLAY Episode 53: Goth Kid

SLAY Episode 53: Goth Kid

Teddy Two-Fingers missed his shot at kidnapping Delilah Droman, who he wanted as his “foreman” in his malevolent nightmare-harvesting operation. Can he find a replacement candidate?

Delilah’s father, Kellius Droman, hired Lincoln as Delilah’s bodyguard. When Kellius hunts Teddy Two-Fingers or trains Billy, Lincoln must stay at the Droman Mansion and protect young Delilah. Surprisingly, Lincoln and Delilah have hit it off. She trusts he can keep her safe, while he benefits from her optimism and youthful energy that he can’t experience from his own child, Sam, who remains trapped on The Shelf — where Teddy put him.

Billy’s training with Kellius goes on at Kellius’s facility, the “Nonagon,” in the mystical city of Cordis. Billy needs to find his “loom,” the structure upon which he can channel the powerful, innate magic that courses through his body.


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