SLAY Episode 48: The Waiver

SLAY Episode 48: The Waiver

Serial kidnapper Teddy Two-Fingers tried to abduct thirteen-year-old Delilah Droman from the mansion where she lives with her father, the billionaire wizard Kellius Droman. Lincoln foiled that attempt, driving off Teddy and two members of his gang: Hiamana, a mage, and Sophie, a brawler with long, dangerous claws. In the battle, Lincoln cut off Sophie’s left arm below the elbow.

Afterward, Kellius Droman agreed to train Billy in the ways of magic in exchange for Lincoln serving as  Delilah’s bodyguard when Kellius was away from home.

Now, Billy is in Cordis at Kellius’s “Nonagon,” ready for his first training session, while Lincoln returns to the Droman Mansion for his first shift protecting Delilah.


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