StokerCon 2024

StokerCon 2024

StokerCon is the annual convention put on by the Horror Writer's Association. This year it's in San Diego, where I live, so I'm diving in to be part of the fun. Come see me! Yes I will sign any books you bring.


  • 1pm, Salon H: "Podcasting Your Fiction 101"
    Join us for a bootcamp-level primer on why you should (or shouldn't) podcast your fiction, including a high-level overview of the basic equipment, tech, and skills you need to get rolling.
    Panelists Tony Sarrecchia, Alex Hofelich, Jeremy Billings, and Jeff C Carter are ready to rumble.

  • 3pm, Salon C: "Why You Need To Connect With And Build Your Audience Now: The Real AI Threat to Creatives"
    Join us to discuss the inevitable use of AI-generated fiction by Amazon, Big Five publishing, Indies, and more. When AI fiction becomes good enough, publishers will flood the market with books that are low- or zero-cost to them. If you don't have an audience that knows you by then, you will be at a huge competitive disadvantage. Explore why it’s essential to connect and build your audience now.
    Panelists Barbara Cottrell, Ace Antonio-Hall, Brian Asman, and Chuck Tingle are down for the gunfight.


  • 11am, Salon 6: "Weird Tales"s
    Weird Tales Magazine is now 101 years old and still going strong. Still creepy, strange and…well…weird. This panel explores the history of the magazine, the birth of cosmic horror, swords & sorcery, and other enduring sub-genres. We’ll discuss how to break into Weird Tales and explore the brand new Weird Tales Presents imprint at Blackstone Publishing. And this StokerCon will feature a Stoker Awards special issue of the magazine. Come join us and share in the weird fun.
    Panelists Henry Herz, Lisa Kastner, and Jonathan Maberry get weird, y'all.

  • 3pm, Salon C: Jonathan Maberry interview
    I sit down with 5-time Stoker Award winning horror master Jonathan Maberry to discuss his amazing accomplishments in the world of fiction, non-fiction, comics, and TV.
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