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Publication Date
We don’t have it scheduled yet. At the latest, THE GANGSTER will ship prior to April 1. 2020.

The audiobook release will coincide with the hardcover release. Scott will be narrating the audiobook.

With purchase of the hardcover, you get the eBook for free when the hardcover publishes.

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  1. Byron Metz

    Wow it’s been awhile since I logged in. So much has happened since. Just ordered my copies. Can’t wait to read it. Still have to read the previous book first. Ha. Ha. I’ve been slacking big time. Well I hope I didn’t miss much because I have alot to catch up on.

  2. Kurt Eh

    Random idea about how to handle the server load when launching.

    This might be a bit more up front work, but it is the fairest idea I have for solving the issue.

    The problem: Everyone is hitting the server and refreshing to get in for a low number. Not every clock is set the same. Some fast, some slow, which adds to the “refresh load,” for lack of a better word.

    Aside: Hitting me as I write, a countdown timer widget might alleviate some of that, with a “don’t refresh till it hits zero or n Ancestor will eat you message.” Some, but not all. A thousand Junkies all hitting refresh when the timer hits zero has the same result.

    My crazy idea would be to have a lottery for the first xyz minutes after the sales go live. My thought was the first hour to spread that load out.

    After the lottery time is over, numbering continues based on time stamp.

    I think this is the fairest way to proceed without overwhelming servers in the first minutes when it opens.

    Get inside that time slot and you could get #2 or #2000, same odds for everyone in that time slot.

    It potentially reduces server impact by spreading out sales to the first hour instead of the first minute, but does increase your workload a bit

  3. Runk

    Help! I’ve been trying for 40 minutes to order and keep getting “Error processing checkout. Please try again.” I’ve tried both through Amazon and PayPal.

  4. NeilColquhoun

    Good day to all the Junkies

    I snagged 2 copies, so they’ll take pride of place on my Sigler shelf in Bonnie Scotland.
    Cheers, and I’m looking forward to it.

    Great work, Scott and A.

    Kind Regards and Stay Alive
    Neil Colquhoun

  5. Brian Hatridge

    Got in! Finally! Good work everyone! When we crash the site, it shows we care! LOL!

  6. Avinjer

    Hopefully the email time stamp works. Took me 10 minutes to get into the order page. Oh well. I got mine and that makes it a good Sigler Ascension Day.

    1. Sean

      I know I was really on top of it, I was here an hour early just waiting for the 9 am link. Then it failed and was like OH NO!!!! I got the order in before the link error fix so seriously hoping I am right near the top. I am SUPER MEGA excited about book VI!!!!

  7. Bob Novella

    I saw the same.
    Keep trying. It took a bunch of tries but it finally added it to my cart

    1. scottsigler

      Sorry, sir. We spent the big $ with WP Engine to get a dedicated server for today, the same setup used by the freaking Country Music Awards. We still crashed it.

        1. Patricia Neumann

          I still keep getting “error processing” thing during checkout. I just want to give you my money, website!

          1. A Sigler

            Hard to tell right now. What we said at pre-order was that the latest we’d ship the book was April 1st of 2020. Could be earlier, we’d love that too, but mostly we just don’t know right now. So, right now it’s neither likely nor overly exaggerated.