What am I doing wrong?

I saw this over at John Scalzi’s Whatever blog. He’s got a fascinating thing going on over there with his Racist Homophobic Dipshit issue, and in keeping up with that I came across a little narcissistic treat known as Whatdoestheinternetthink. So, of course, I had to know:


What does the internet think


The question, of course, is what the hell am I doing wrong? I threaten the lives of everyone on a daily basis, I reveal my intention of destroying civlization, razing ever building and using the rubble to making all new structures constructed in the shape of my bald head. I promise a painful death for my most fervent fans, and this is the thanks I get? A 93% approval rating?


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  1. BigJohn

    I think it’s all sympathy votes from that guy named Scott Sigler that was hit by a car in North Dakota or something like that.

  2. Wesleyan_Hendrix

    I see a lot of: threaten, intentions, and promise.  I’m thinking your gonna have to get a little more proactive and start turning those into I did: bodily harm, the beginning of civilizations destruction, and(Newspaper Headline) Noted Author Scott Sigler’s biggest fans disappearing around world!  That should do it.  Or just make fun of stuff like: Facebook, the Kardashian, Sandra Bullock, the President.  That should get the internet to hating you.

  3. jokerdas

    Perhaps Scott should dabble in writing a little erotica to get in on the porn market. The short stories could go with the other short stories:

    “Blood is Red”, “Bones are White, “Fire is Orange”, It could be “Balls are Blue”.

  4. Old Man Parker

    Aloha Sigler Tribe!

    Maybe, the problem is… you are just too gay or gay-friendly you non-homo-homosapien. And, I mean that in a good way. 

  5. Granby

    Hmmm sounds about right.

    I’d say go with it for now and use it to your advantage. You can lull the world into thinking you’re not all that scary, so when you do crush civilization as we know it, it’ll come as even more of a surprise. 

  6. jokerdas

    Be not concerned!

    It is part of the propaganda machine put up by those who wish to discredit the FDO and all his ruthless-ness!