New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler is the author of hardcover thrillers from Crown Publishing, and is a co-founder of Dark Øverlord Media, which produces his Galactic Football League series.

GFL Novels

Book V in the GFL series, THE CHAMPION, a hard-hitting story that combines scifi, sports and crime into a fantastic YA read


This is an early page for GFL Book V. The pre-order event will be at on February 1, 2014, a.k.a. “Super Bowl Saturday.” Be here at noon ET, 9am PT to reserve your copy of this signed, numbered, limited-edition hardcover novel.

Book IV of the GFL series.


THE MVP is the fourth book in the Galactic Football League series, following on THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO.

Book III in the GFL series.


THE ALL-PRO is the third book in the Galactic Football League series, following on THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER.

Book II of the GFL series.


THE STARTER is the sequel to THE ROOKIE, a hard-hitting, bone-crunching YA sports/scifi novel described as “Any Given Sunday” meets “The Godfather” meets “Star Wars.”

The cover of THE ROOKIE, Book I of the GFL series by Scott Sigler.


Set in a lethal pro football league 700 years in the future, THE ROOKIE is a story that combines the intense gridiron action of “Any Given Sunday” with the space opera style of “Star Wars” and the criminal underworld of “The Godfather.”

Infected Trilogy

PANDEMIC is the conclusion to the New York Times bestselling INFECTED trilogy, out Jan. 21 from Crown Publishing


Book III of the INFECTION Trilogy

Five years after the end of CONTAGIOUS, the world faces a horrific new threat that begins in Lake Michigan’s deepest, darkest, coldest place. The cataclysm of the Orbital’s efforts goes global — what began with a single man now threatens seven billion people.

Book II of the Infected Trilogy, a scifi/horror tale of bioengineering and madness, by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler.


Book II of the INFECTION Trilogy

Across America, a mysterious pathogen transforms ordinary people into raging killers, psychopaths driven by a terrifying, alien agenda. The human race fights back, yet after every battle the disease responds, adapts, using sophisticated strategies and brilliant ruses to fool its pursuers. The only possible explanation: the epidemic is driven not by evolution but by some malevolent intelligence.

The cover of INFECTED, book one of a scifi/horror trilogy by New York times best-selling author Scott Sigler.


Book I of the INFECTED Trilogy

Perry Dawsey is 6-foot-5, 265 pounds of angry ex-linebacker. He knows all too well that if he doesn’t control his quick temper, people get hurt. Through constant focus, he has locked his violent past away in the deep dungeons of his mind.

Uncategorized Publications

The cover of ALIGHT by Scott Sigler


Book II of the Generations Trilogy

ALIGHT is the sequel to ALIVE. You’ll find no spoilers here, sir and/or ma’am. If you’ve read ALIVE, you know what is coming. If you haven’t, well, get the damn thing already.

Right now ALIGHT is only available from Amazon and Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, which […]

A novel by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler. Learn more about his young adult books at


Book I of the Generations Trilogy

“I open my eyes to darkness. Total darkness. I hear my own breathing, but nothing else. I lift my head . . . it thumps against something solid and unmoving. There is a board right in front of my face. No, not a board . . . a lid.”

ALIVE SYNOPSIS: A teenage girl […]

"Hippo" is a story in the anthology V-WARS: BLOOD & FIRE


Includes Scott's story "Hippo"

Due out: October 7, 2014. Pre-order from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, buttons at left below the cover.

The second book in Jonathan Maberry’s V-WARS series, BLOOD AND FIRE cranks up the carnage to “11,” thanks in no small part to Scott’s story “Hippo.” Scott’s first vampire story, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read. […]

THE END HAS COME contains "The Sixth Day of Deer Camp," a short story by NY Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler

Apocalypse Triptych II

Scott's story: "The Sixth Week of Deer Camp"

The second volume in the Apocalypse Triptych, edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey. Scott’s story, “The Sixth Day of Deer Camp” is the sequel to “The Fifth Day of Deer Camp” (see what Scott did there?) which was in the first volume of this trilogy, THE END IS NIGH.

You want Yoopers up […]

THE END IS NIGH contains the story "The Fifth Week of Deer Camp" by New York Times bestselling author Scott Sigler

Apocalypse Triptych I

Scott's story: "The Fifth Week of Deer Camp"

Scott’s story The Fifth Week of Deer Camp features “Yoopers,” that lovely culture that exists in Michigan Upper Peninsula. Join a group of lifelong friends that has gone to the same cabin every deer season for thirty years, only this time, a most unwelcome guest drops in.

“Camp being deer camp, […]

A Hunter Hunterson & Sons story


A compilation that includes the story "Hunter Hunterson & The Case of the Haunted Safeway"

The Hunterson family faces their most dangerous stompin’ yet as they try to pull the tag of some grocery-wreckin’ ghosts. Things get heated for America’s #1 monster-hunting nuclear family.

Here’s the description from Amazon:


A collection of stories edited by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams


The Petra Prawatt origin story

The Prawatt Jihad strikes terror into the hearts of sentients all over the galaxy. This race of intelligent, self-replicating machines is shrouded in fear, mystery and mistrust, yet at the center of it all is the “living god” known as Petra Prawatt — a human girl. What is her story? How did she become the […]

Issue one of the five-issue limited series (of which only the first issue was printed).

INFECTED Graphic Novel

The INFECTED graphic novel is on hold, indefinitely. Issue #1 is available, but there is no Issue #2 at this time. We were late enough turning in #2 that IDW Publishing decided to put the series on hold until the final four issues of the five-issue series are complete and submitted to them. Only then will they re-solicit the title and get the remaining issues into stores.



New York City, 1946. No one knows his real name, but when the job is too dirty, too dangerous, you call Kissyman. Once he was an elite Nazi SS commando, an honorable soldier, a taker of lives. When he was assigned to Dachau and saw what he was actual fighting for, he went AWOL and ran as far away as he could — to America.

THE CRYPT Book One: Crew Stories

Book One: The Crew

It is the best-kept and worst-kept secret in the Planetary Union navy. The PUV James Keeling, a warship that does things that no other ship can do. It is a weapon, and a liability. The rumor is that eighty percent of the people assigned to the Keeling die before their two-year stint is up. That rumor is the reason for the ship’s nickname — they call the Keeling “the Crypt,” because it is full of the dead.

The riveting horror novel by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler.


Homicide detective Bryan Clauser is losing his mind. How else to explain the dreams he keeps having—dreams that mirror, with impossible accuracy, the gruesome serial murders taking place all over San Francisco? How else to explain the feelings these dreams provoke in him—not disgust, not horror, but excitement.

Cover of the scifi/horror novel EARTHCORE, by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler.


Deep below a desolate Utah mountain lies the largest platinum deposit ever discovered. A billion-dollar find, it waits for any company that can drill a world’s record, three-mile-deep mine shaft. EarthCore is the company with the technology, the resources and the guts to go after the mother lode. Young executive Connell Kirkland is the company’s driving force, pushing himself and those around him to uncover the massive treasure.

The cover of the scifi/horror thriller ANCESTOR.


Acclaimed author Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling creator of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, offers a chilling tale of what can happen when hubris, greed, and madness drive scientific experimentation past the brink of reason.

GFL Novellas

A GFL novella: The tale of Frederico Esteban Guiseppe Gonzaga as he searches for the family of Quentin Barnes.


THE DETECTIVE is a bit of back story for Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga and his search for the family of Quentin Barnes.

A GFL Novella. The story of two pure warriors who battle for the belt, set amidst a culture of corruption.


Undefeated galactic heavyweight champion Korak the Cutter has defeated all challengers, destroying everyone in his path, but the wins aren’t as easy as they used to be. After a decade of perfect fighting, his age is catching up with him. For a Quyth Warrior, that means he’s slowing down, and speed is the name of the game in mixed martial arts.

A GFL Novella. The tale of Yolanda Davenport and her quest to prove the innocence of murder suspect Ju Tweedy.


THE REPORTER is a GFL novella that takes place between Week Three and Week Six of the 2684 GFL season, the season that encompasses THE ALL-PRO.

Short Story Collections

A free audiobook, the short-story collection of nine disturbing tales from New York Times best-selling horror author Scott Sigler.


BONES ARE WHITE brings you more of Scott’s thought-provoking short stories from his five years of weekly storytelling, as well as a brand-new HUNTER HUNTERSON & SONS story and a brand-new KISSYMAN tale.

A collection of eight disturbing short stories by author Scott Sigler.


A collection of eight horror stories created by New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler, author of INFECTED, CONTAGIOUS and ANCESTOR. This eBook-only title features seven tales from Scott’s six years of free audiobook podcasts, plus the brand-new novella “Hunter Hunterson & Sons.” Scott still gives away his audio stories — for free — every week at

Generations Trilogy