FridayFix • Author Michelle Belanger

The source of Hunter Hunterson & Sons demonology!

At DragonCon 2015, I was on a panel with author Michelle Belanger, the author of DICTIONARY OF DEMONS. Since this book is a central source for future Hunter Hunterson & Sons stories, when I ran into her at DragonCon this year (2016), and discovered she had a new fiction novel out, I had to have her on the FridayFix.

We talk about her books as well as a ton of other fascinating topics, such as:

  • Writing diverse characters, including handicapped characters.
  • The risks of “diversity bingo.”
  • Her time on the TV show PARANORMAL STATE.
  • Moving from non-fiction (she wrote 30 non-fiction books) to fiction.
  • Industry objections of a woman writing action, and to an intersex author in general.
  • Should female writers use initials instead of their real first name?

Michelle Belanger


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PANDEMIC Episode #4

Operation Wolf’s Head was a secret naval task force charged with recovering any wreckage from “the Orbital,” the hostile piece of alien tech responsible for a hideous outbreak that threatened to wipe out humanity. One of the ships in that task force, the nuclear sub Los Angeles, fired upon and sank other ships before it was itself destroyed.

Two corpses from the Los Angeles tested positive for the infection caused by the Orbital five years earlier. Murray Longworth, head of the Department of Special Threats, assigned Margaret Montoya to that task force in hopes that her extensive knowledge of this contagion could help stop another potential outbreak. Meanwhile, Steve Stanton, a sleeper agent of the Chinese government, was activated by his handler. Steve has been preparing for years, waiting for a chance to find the Orbital’s remains. To make his plan work, he needs to hire a boat to take him out to the location of that battle.

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Friday Fix • ALIGHT Q&A Part 2

After the ALIGHT Q&A we received so many more questions about ALIGHT and the Siglerverse at large we’re back with a whole new ‘cast.

As with every other Q&A ‘cast on this site, this one is full of spoilers and this is your fair warning. If you haven’t read the Generations Trilogy, or much of the Siglerverse, tread very carefully listening in here. Might be best to go catch up on your Sigler reading and then come back. Enjoy!


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Whitey Whiterson writes PoC skin tones …

Points to consider for writers describing people of color

Color samples

Did you know that certain skin tone descriptions can piss some people right the fuck off?

We contracted a new editor to do the copyedit for my scifi/thriller EARTHCORE (out Nov. 29 in print, eBook and audiobook). This editor did a solid job. She’s quickly getting the hang of my particular style and the Siglerverse as well […]

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PANDEMIC Episode #3

Margaret Montoya’s life has fallen apart. After saving the world, she’s spent years as the target of endless Internet outrage for her role in the tragedy of Detroit. Her life is in shambles and she’s become a shut-in, staying in her house to hide away from the world. Her husband, Clarence Otto, was in the process of telling her their marriage was over when he got a call from Murray Longworth, the director of the Department of Special Threats. Now, Murray has come to her house to pay a visit — and it’s not a social call.

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FridayFix • DragonCon One For The Junkies panel

We recorded this live at Dragon*Con 2016 in Atlanta. It’s an annual tradition to pack a room full of Junkies and pander to them. There guns, and chicks, and stories, and chicks, and firetrucks, and drinking, and chicks. For this one, I read the first page of six upcoming stories, and finished with a never-before-heard short story about a man and a cat.

There is one pause in the beginning and then some cheering when ARealGirl came in to deliver me a delicious Bud Light.

FridayFix • One For Tha Junkies

Many thanks to Les Green for the bottle of Chivas that was enjoyed by many Junkies! You rock, sir.

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PANDEMIC Episode #2

In Episode One, we saw the grisly demise of Wicked Charlie Petrovsky, the desperate struggle of Candice Walker, the endless efforts of the Orbital, and the long-term effects of Chelsea Jewel’s “smoochies.” In this episode, we catch up with two survivors of CONTAGIOUS—Margaret Montoya and Clarence Otto. Five years after CONTAGIOUS ended, we see where life has landed these two heroes. We also meet a new character, Steve Stanton, a young engineer whose choices and actions will soon have a worldwide impact.

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PANDEMIC Episode #1

Junkies have been asking about this one forever and a day, and finally that day has come. Welcome to Episode One of the serial audiobook PANDEMIC, Book III of the INFECTED Trilogy. If you haven’t read the first two books, INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, do that first! We beseech thee! Get those books in print, as eBooks or full-length audiobooks by visiting our INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS pages.

Let’s get this party started—the first of forty episodes in a serial audiobook that will last through May 2017. Get some!

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Free Audiobooks at

FridayFix • Bruce & Julie Press

FridayFix-680-PressesGuys, guys, GUYS!

If you listen to the Friday Fix, you understand the idea of being a Junkie. It’s a fandom, and it’s fun, and it’s special.

Today we get to sit down and talk with Bruce and Julie Press, Junkies extraordinaire. They are terrific people, and they haven’t yet missed a SiglerFest. Julie comes for the fun, and Bruce comes to make us all look good. He’s the official photographer of SiglerFest. You can find all his Siglerific pics, and a ton of other beautiful, warm and wonderful photos at Bruce F Press Photography. Go check it out — if you’ve been to a Sigler event in the last few years, I’m willing to bet Bruce captured your best side in one of his lovely pics. Bonus: they’re all available for purchase at this link!

We chat for a bit about fandom, the benefits of virtual friendship, and the art of making something great.


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The cover of ALIGHT by Scott Sigler

ALIGHT Episode #23 — Q & A

This week’s episode is the Q & A for ALIGHT. Now that we’ve finished podcasting the book, we hop on the mic to answer your questions about the story, the Siglerverse, and sundry other things.

We recorded this early in the week, and after we did we received a whole bunch more questions and comments.  So we’ll cover those in a short Friday Fix soon.

Until then, enjoy this slightly long, somewhat tipsy, tiny bit rambling ‘cast!

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The cover of ALIGHT by Scott Sigler

ALIGHT Episode #22

Em and the Birthday Children united with Barkah and the Springers to defeat Aramovsky and bring peace to Omeoycan. But was it a happy ending? Barkah’s trechary resulted in the death of his father, the Springer king, making Barkah the new ruler of his people. Em and her friends are left to rebuild both their city and their culture. But a new threat lurks just around the corner, one that threatens everyone.

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FridayFix • author Erik Storey

New author treks down from the hills to chat with the FDØ

Erik Storey’s first novel NOTHING SHORT OF DYING drops August 16. The book is getting a big push from his publisher (Simon & Schuster), but Erik is far from the typical novelist.

He came down from the mountains (literally) where he’s living in a tent (yes, a tent) to record this, his first-ever podcast. A fascinating chat with this new author.

Cool stuff we talk about:

  • Erik’s first-ever trip to New York was this year (which he describes as “Crocodile Dundee in NYC”).
  • How growing up in the boonies affected his fiction.
  • Erik used his last $9 to send out the manuscript for this book—something that changed his life forever.

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ALIGHT Episode #21

Aramovsky has his war—his Birthday Children army has marched to the crescent-shaped clearing to take on what he thinks is a small force of Springers, but he has no idea he’s actually outnumbered over a hundred to one. Technology may prove the deciding factor, though—Borjigin has repaired several machines of war, and Aramovsky has dozens of powerful beam weapons he acquired from Matilda. It’s going to be a bloodbath all around, unless Em can stop it. She, Gaston, Spingate and Bishop are in the shuttle with Barkah, the Springer prince, and Lahfah, racing to the clearing to try and head off a battle that could kill thousands.

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I knew her when we were immortal


Spoiler alert: my friend Shannon died today, after a long battle with multiple cancers. Writing is my life and my therapy. This is me trying to work through some things in the only way I know how. Besides scotch, I mean. Oh, wait, I’m doing both at the same time!

My friend Shannon was a […]

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ALIGHT Episode #20

Em has been captured by the Grownups. She’s being held captive in the Observatory, forced to watch as her friends are changed into something else, as they are wiped out forever. Her turn is next. Meanwhile, Aramovsky’s betrayal continues. In exchange for weapons he needs for his war against the Springers, he has agreed to deliver more of Em’s friends into Matilda’s hands.

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