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FridayFix: SiglerFest 2K15 Registration is Now Open!

SiglerFest 2K15
October 9 & 10, 2015
The Orleans Hotel & Casino
4500 West Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Orleans hotel for SiglerFest

The 5th Annual SiglerFest is now open for registration! SiglerFest 2K15 promises to be at least twelve shades of awesome and you should certainly join us!
To register, complete t-shirt size request and the field asking for an active email address which you routinely check, then click the PayPal button below. Registration is $55.

T-shirt size needed:
Best email address for you!

To reserve sleeping rooms at the hotel, please click here to go to the Orleans Group reservations website and use the code A5SFC10. Alternatively , you can call the Guest Reservations number at (800) 675-3267 and identify yourself as part of the group SiglerFest.

If you missed any of the previous SiglerFests, you missed a great weekend with great people.

Come for the Sigler, stay for the awesome Junkies you will meet and love and cherish your whole life long. I’m not even kidding. And, who can say, maybe the cousins will turn up! Will Pope Siglericus XXX risk showing his face in Las Vegas again? Evenings at SiglerFest teach us that Francis Dominic Oliveri is terrible at arm wrestling and smacktalking, but marginally better at bowling.

This year karaoke and bowling swap places, so Scott can do all the screamo singalong he likes! (Even if you might not think “Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue” needs screamo … it does at SiglerFest!)

If you attended any previous SiglerFest, leave a comment below about what you thought. If you didn’t come, consider it — an affordable getaway weekend in Vegas, karaoke, bowling, quizzes, all of your friends from this site, and the FDØ in rare form. Just check out these beautiful pics from Bruce F. Press Photography! Don’t you want to be part of his next round?

Looking forward to seeing y’all in October!

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Amazon knows us well …

Save 50% on dog toys with the Petco Coupons page at

Amazon's knows us well

Oh, Amazon, you know us so well. This “buy it again” email nails the Empty Set Entertainment culture right on its cold, wet little nose. We run on dog toys and coffee. In our defense, there are 80 cups of coffee in that one box, so by the time the Little Ball of Hate™ finishes dismembering these toys (third time for the Cardinal, second time for the Dinosaur, the DoDo Bird is still hanging tough), we’ll nee to put in a new order to keep things moving along.

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THE CHAMPION Episode #24

The trade deadline is here, and the Krakens have made their moves. They stand undefeated at 4-0. As Kopor the Climber’s first game as the starting fullback is against the Neptune Scarlet Fliers, who are 2-1, and ready to knock off the defending Galaxy Bowl Champs.

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This is where you can get your Fix, Junkies!

FridayFix™: Burnout & how to deal

Thanks so much for the great feedback on these Inside Empty Set episodes. Nice to hear from y’all. This week, we’re talking about a demon recently haunting the Empty Set offices: burnout.

No, not that kind of burnout ... On top of that, there’s also guilt for feeling burned out at a job you love and feel lucky to have.  Which … doesn’t help.

I’m was a little apprehensive to talk about this for those reasons and more, but I’m hoping y’all will bear with us and perhaps join the conversation.

Last, if you have comments about these or any of our other recent Inside Empty Set episodes, please drop them here or send me an email!

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Emma Galvin to narrate ALIVE audiobook

Narrator of the DIVERGENT series, WINTER'S BONE

Actress Emma Galvin, narrator of DIVERGENT and WINTER'S BONE, to do the audiobook for ALIVE by Scott Sigler

We’re downright tickled to announce that we’ve landed actress Emma Galvin as the voice talent for the ALIVE audiobook. I first heard her work narrating the blockbuster novel DIVERGENT, by Veronica Roth. I felt Galvin’s performance of Tris, the main character in DIVERGENT, convincingly captured the essence of a young woman thrust into a difficult and […]

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THE CHAMPION Episode #23

Earlier in the year, the Krakens cut two players — the Ki lineman Gan-Ta-Kapil, and the Sklorno receiver Richfield. Richfield said she was heading out to see the universe and spread the word of the her “godling,” Quentin Barnes. In Episode #22, Becca Montagne and Danny Lundy executed a power play that would make that week’s tilt against the Yall Criminals her last as a fullback, meaning Kopor the Climber will have to get up to speed to become the team’s starter at that position. The Krakens beat the Criminals to move to 4-0 on the season.  Following the game, Quentin headed for the Ki Baths to clean up for the post-game press conference.

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FridayFix Album Art 1400

FridayFix™: Inside EmptySet • Gatekeepers vs. Goalies

Scott and I discuss “outsider art” and its correlation (if any) to the publishing business. We discuss the difference, if any, between a “writer” and an “aspiring writer.” We talk about the need (or uselessness) of a gatekeeper when it comes to the business of publishing.

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THE CHAMPION Episode #22

The Krakens are 3-and-0, but this week they face rivals in the Yall Criminals, led by former GFL MVP Rick Renaud. Following the away game at Coranadillana, this away game at Yall means the Krakens only have a day back at Ionath to take care of any business — and that business proves critical when Quentin’s agent shows up, demanding the Krakens make a trade.

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FridayFix - Gibson, Vick, Metallica

FridayFix™: Inside EmptySet • Can you separate Art from the Artist?

This week we take you inside a normal workday conversation here at the Empty Set Entertainment offices.

The question we’re working out in this episode is if it’s possible to separate the artist from the art. Moreover, when the artist becomes a disappointment due to human failings, can you continue to enjoy works created prior to the fall?
FridayFix - Gibson, Vick, Metallica

We discuss several entertainers: Michael Vick, Mel Gibson and Metallica. To varying degrees, their real-world behavior has changed the way we view them as people, as artists, and as entertainers.

What do you think?  Has reality shattered one of the most favorite, creations you’ve enjoyed through the years? Does real-world behavior influence your choices? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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THE CHAMPION Episode #21

The Krakens just defeated the Sheb Stalkers to move to 2-0 on the season. Nothing gets easier, though — the Krakens travel to Coranadillana Cloud Killers, a team against which Quentin has zero wins and three losses. In fact, they are the only Planet Division team he hasn’t beat. Can he finally get off the schnide?

After the episode, Scott gives you an update on the EARTHCORE rewrite.

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THE CHAMPION Episode #20

Gredok the Splithead offered to give Quentin’s sister Jeanine an apartment in the Krakens Building, an offer that Quentin accepted. Since returning from her rescue, though, he has seen little of her. John Tweedy was a part of that rescue, So, too was HeavyG lineman Michael Kimberlin, who wants to know more about Quentin’s relationship with Petra Prawatt.

On the gridiron, the Krakens won their Week One regular season opener against the Isis Ice Storm. Ionath dives right into Week 2, when they host the Sheb Stalkers, also 1-0, in a cross-divisional matchup.

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FridayFix™ • So You Want To Be A Writer?

Of all the questions Scott gets asked over and over, at every con, every book reading, and every day by DM or Facebook message or email … among the most frequent is “What advice do you have for me? How do I become a writer?”

In this video, he tells you how he did it. Anyone can write a novel. Didn’t go to college to learn literature, etc? Doesn’t matter. Your idea is just as valid as anyone else’s. Scott will tell you how to write your first novel.

Want to listen to the audio instead? Here ya go:

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THE CHAMPION Episode #19

It’s opening week of the GFL season, featuring the Ionath Krakens playing host to rival Isis Ice Storm. With the end of the pre-season, however, comes the last cuts that make up the final roster. Who stays, who goes, and come kickoff, who wins?

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