Book III of the Generations Trilogy

ALONE is the final book of the Generations Trilogy, following on ALIVE and ALIGHT.

In the final installment of an exhilarating sci-fi adventure trilogy in the vein of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Red Rising, Scott Sigler’s unforgettable heroine, Em Savage, must come to grips once and for all with the perilous mysteries of her own existence.

“We thought this place was our destiny—not our doom.”
Pawns in a millennia-old struggle, the young people known only as the Birthday Children were genetically engineered to survive on the planet Omeyocan—but they were never meant to live there. They were made to be “overwritten,” their minds wiped and replaced by the consciousness of the monsters who created them.

Em changed all of that.

She unified her people and led a revolt against their creators. Em and her friends escaped an ancient ghost ship and fled to Omeyocan. They thought they would find an uninhabited paradise. Instead, they found the ruins of a massive city long since swallowed by the jungle. And they weren’t alone. The Birthday Children fought for survival against the elements, jungle wildlife, the “Grownups” who created them . . . and, as evil corrupted their numbers, even against themselves.

With these opponents finally defeated, Em and her people realized that more threats were coming, traveling from across the universe to lay claim to their planet. The Birthday Children have prepared as best they can against this alien armada. Now, as the first ships reach orbit around Omeyocan, the final battle for the planet begins.

Praise for Scott Sigler’s Alive
“Suspenseful . . . [Alive] lives up to its hype, packing plenty of thrills. . . . A page-turner that whets the appetite for volume 2.”Entertainment Weekly
“Fascinating and intriguing . . . a cross between Lord of the Flies and The Maze Runner and yet . . . so much more.”—Fresh Fiction
“A ripping, claustrophobic thunderbolt of a novel.”—Pierce Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Red Rising

“Unstoppable and real, M. Savage is one hell of a heroine. Get ready to be left breathless.”—Kristin Cast, New York Times bestselling author of the House of Night series
“Sigler has created a wonderful and engrossing character in M. Savage. Strong and smart, but with the naïveté and misgivings of any teenage girl, she’s someone you’ll definitely want on your side when s**t hits the fan, which it most certainly does.”—Veronica Belmont, host of Sword & Laser

“The puzzle unfolds masterfully, right down to the last page.”—Phil Plait, PhD, author of Bad Astronomy


  1. Robert

    I cannot wait for this final installment! I have a question about Alight that relates to a spoiler, and If you cannot answer this I understand, but it has been gnawing at me since I finished Alight! It relates to your implementation of transferring consciousness to the receptacles, in regards to interpreting what happened in Alight properly.
    Question: When it’s declared that the exchange of consciousness is in fact a cause for ‘duplication’ of the adult’s mind that overrides the receptacle, we see that the original adult keeps a form of its original consciousness. The receptacle is overridden while the adult shell still exists in a form of it’s prior state, but, given that mind and consciousness are two separate entities, did you intend to mean that the adult’s consciousness has not in any way transferred over to the receptacle or, although the transfer is successful, the adult shell was filled with a duplication of its state right before the transfer? Is the origin consciousness now in the receptacle or the adult?
    If you play more on this in Alive you obviously don’t have to answer, I’m only troubled because I’m certain if the interpretation was supposed to be absolute in Alight alone. If you cannot respond to this or read it due to time, I still respect and admire your work. Much appreciated.

    1. Profile photo of scottsiglerscottsigler

      Robert: It’s not an “exchange” of consciousness, it’s a “duplication,” as you call it — which means the original still exists, unchanged. When you make a photocopy, the original still exists in its original state. That’s the concept. And it’s not a given that the mind and consciousness are two separate entities, for without the mind there is no consciousness.

  2. Joey Peden

    where can i pre-order the audiobook “ALONE” ? I loved the first two books alive,and alight so much!!! It took over a year of reading and listening to different books every day to try and find something as good Andrew Fukuda’s The hunt trilogy and Scott you knocked it out of the park man way to deliver!! I wanna go ahead and pay now!! i loved the book so much i called my sister sent her the links she loved it also,i cant think of any reader who wouldn’t.

  3. Cosmosis

    Found Mr. S.S. Book searching for Orson Scott Card on librivox. I am not disappointed! Im almost thirty, and although this is obviously directed toward younger people, I really appreciated and enjoyed the first person narrative of M. The first book was not as… Riveting as I prefer novels to be, but left enough mystery for me to keep listening. Alive was definitely faster paced and left me with a couple of moments in unexpected suspense. The Epilogue closed the book very well, and I can hardly wait for the release of the next book.
    Thanks to Scott Sigler and Librivox for making your book available in audio (and for free). Ive got a newborn, so being able to listen to an intriguing and well-layered story has helped pass the time when I’m bound to quiet maternal duties.

    1. Profile photo of scottsiglerscottsigler

      Cosmosis: Glad you enjoyed it, and I think you’ll dig Book III, ALONE. It’s out March 7, 2017. You might also check out my INFECTED Trilogy if you’re looking for a more intense bit of scifi.

  4. Dark warrior

    Your books are Amazing I love them I wish there would be an endless series to alive.
    I have read alive and alight twice already and I can’t wait for alone to come out.

  5. Profile photo of JCPJCP

    I do believe that this story goes back in time, in a parallel universe around the date of 1954. Most people believe that you can only see backwards in time. This is not true. With the correct guidance you really can see your own future, and reshape your final judgment. You really don’t want to be stuck in that cell. This is not the Devil speaking here but close.

  6. Virginia

    THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD! I’ve barely read a book except for school books, but this captivated me so much I seriously read ALIVE and ALIGHT in just two days. I cried when I realised that ALONE hadn’t come out yet. But that title…it’s so ominous. I hope she really doesn’t end up alone again, it makes me think of her fear and when she first woke up in the coffin. Please don’t do that to her. Instead, I really, really hope there’s romance in the third book! I’ve been waiting ever since Bishop resigned as leader and handed her the spear.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful series, I’ve missed the thrill and imagination of reading.

    1. Profile photo of scottsiglerscottsigler

      Virginia: I promise nothing! Nothing except a huge finish to the series, that is. As for romance, you will have to wait and see. Spread the word about this series to your friends!

  7. Pierre Morin

    I have greatly enjoyed all your podcast books that are at Podiobooks. I just found your site yesterday and got a couple more. Can’t wait to listen to them! Having a bit of trouble finding where to download the episodes. Are some not available for free?

      1. jenna

        i love your books i just read alive and alight and cannot wait for alone i want to read it now please make more books like this. i love this series. will you make more books like this? Thanks and could you send some books to casteel high school so i can read the final book.

        1. Profile photo of scottsiglerscottsigler

          jenna: I can’t send some books, but I’m happy you’re digging the stories. There is one more story like this, and that is ALONE, which comes out on your birthday, apparently.

  8. Profile photo of Paulo PPaulo P

    Hi, all, specially you, Scott.
    Long time reader, first time poster (at least for many years). I downloaded, and listened to all your podcasts.
    I’m a bit of a son of a bitch: I went for almost 2 years without listening to you (except for some Friday fixes) just to be listen to Alight and Alive in one go. My opinion?
    It’s different from your usual work. I’m in my forties and… YA fiction is not really my thing. But your sci-fi books are… So I went for them. (SPOILER ALERT) The big space ship reveal in the first book was not such a big reveal for me: after reading “Rendez-vous with Rama” and watching Babylon 5, it was a bit obvious… Also the fact that’s a Scott Sigler novel (a well known sci-fi writer) made it obvious it was set on some kind of ship or space station… But for younger readers? I guess it was mind blowing… The fact that the kids were some kind of clones? Also not a big reveal for me (I blame it on the dozens of sci-fi books and films I read and saw over the years). If I had something to really complain this books it’s that the first book is very straight forward, and does not have the usual degree of complexity of a Scott Sigler: they wake up, they wander around, they find new kids… The linear action is worth it for something new (at least for me): being able to listen to Em’s thoughts, interpreting all kinds of situations, brings a more complex side to a otherwise very linear story.
    The second book had lots more stuff going on. I listened to them both in about one week, so the first half of the first book, for me, was almost like a preamble to the real story.
    I think I spotted a factual error (again, HUGE SPOILER ALERT) in the epilogue of the second book you say something about the kid (Gaston??? I’m not sure of the name, sorry) that got Spin pregnant telling all other kids about it. Wasn’t it Aramoski’s (sorry, I’m not sure how to spell the priest kid’s name) that made that big reveal in front of everyone to catch Em off guard?
    I can’t wait for the third book. I’m always broke (having a baby does that to you :-)), but I’ll probably try to buy the e-book and read it as soon as it comes out.
    One thing Scott: You lashed out on Rob, for his very unfortunate comment. Considering the target age group for this books, I wouldn’t be so hard on the kid…
    Right now I’m almost over listening to “The Champion”. It’s off topic, but the GFL books are a bit weird to me: I’m from Portugal and American Football is not a thing here. You once made a podcast explaing the game, but it’s still very confusing for non-americans. I usually zone out during the game descriptions and the score results and tune on again for the “meat” of the story. I love the world building and the characters are great. I had the mp3 files for the original “The Rookie” version somewhere on my pc, with all the cursing :-). After finishing “the Champion”, I guess I’ll dig up the original Earthcore mp3 files and have a second go at it… It was my first podcast novel, almost 10 years ago.
    Love you, man, keep up the good work.

    1. Profile photo of scottsiglerscottsigler

      Paulo: Yes, the spoilers you noted are easily detectable by veteran SF readers. I still tried to play with the tropes a little bit and make some surprises. I think you’ll find Book III enhances your experience with Book I and Book II, because there is a lot of setup going on in those books that won’t become clear until the bat-shit crazy hits in ALONE.

      As for American Football, I’m glad you like the stories even though you’re not crazy about the game itself.

    2. Mahala Blair

      I find this review/comment to be so interesting. It about floored me when I read how all of the “big reveals” in book one didn’t really phase you. *SPOILER* Especially the reveal that they were on a space ship the whole time. The fact that I am 18 years old, and that this was the first Scott Sigler novel I’ve had the pleasure of reading, probably plays a key role in that. It was just interesting to see a more seasoned sci-fi reader’s, take on it. It was also refreshing to see how you gave all of your options with out really attacking the author. I spend a lot of time on the YA forums reading reviews (since I mainly read YA) and its not an uncommon thing to witness an ‘author bashing’. Hopefully this is due to age and maturity and will be outgrown, haha. Sorry for the weird, somewhat random comment😁

  9. Ashley Anne

    Hey Scott,

    Great work on the series. Can’t wait for Alone to come out.

    Question for you: Who are the characters on all of the books?
    I think I read somewhere that the final installment is Spingate?

  10. Juliette

    I’ve read alive and alight in 5 days and that’s the first time i’m reading a book in english! (I live in France) I really love the story and the way you write!! I can’t wait to read alone!

  11. Rob

    March 2017?! Weak. I’m up for reading the final part now, but by March 2017, I’m really not gonna care anymore.

      1. Rob

        Don’t be that way, I didn’t mean it! 😉 I’ll still care, I’d just finished the 2nd book when I wrote that, and aside from being a Sigler Junkie, I’m a Closure Junky and a year seemed a really long time to wait, so had a bit of a strop. I apologise, would never want to offend someone who has provided me with so many hours of great reading. Incidentally, the first book of yours I ever read, was Infected, which I picked up completely at random in a Spanish airport -when I hadn’t read a fiction book for years. Since then I’ve gotten back into reading for pleasure and have read hundreds of books, in no small part because of how much I loved Infected. I’ve read the rest of that trilogy, Ancestor and Nocturnal and of course the two books that precede Alone. Sorry for mouthing off, I think you’re a fantastic writer..

        Is there any chance of a sequel to Ancestor one day?

    1. Profile photo of SeanSean

      God dammit I posted my reply on the wrong person f*** you Rob Scott’s fantastic if you don’t have the patience that’s your problem

  12. Andy Herron

    Amazon isn’t letting me preorder it now, says the item is unavailable. I signed up for an email when it is available but wanted to make sure you know something is up.

  13. Joshua

    Just got an email from Amazon that the release date is now March of 2017!?! I’ll wait, but what happened?

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