Dragon*Con Logo

September: 2nd – 5th: Dragon*Con; Atlanta, GA

  • Friday, Sept. 2, 10:00pm: One For the Junkies
    Hilton 202
    Our annual celebration of Scott and Junkies and rude humor and general debauchery. There will be many toasts, so BYOB! Let’s get this party started!
  • Saturday, Sept. 3, 4:00pm: Writing, Creativity & Skepticism
    Hilton 204-207
    Scott and a few top authors and artistic creatives, who are all skeptics, discuss what effect their personal skepticism has on their writings.
  • Saturday, Sept. 3, 10:00pm: Night Attack Live <>
    Hilton Grand Salon East
    Scott sits in for the entire Night Attack Live show. Scott is very excited. This is, like, his favorite thing in all the world right behind Reese’s Pieces and Crocodiles. Hysterical show with  very, very funny people.
  • Sunday, Sept. 4, 5:30pm: How Science Fiction Impacts Public Policy
    Hilton 208-209
    How is today’s science fiction affecting tomorrow’s laws and policy? Are there any unintended side effects? What are the greatest positive effects? Are there any meaningful impacts at all?
  • Sunday, Sept. 4, 10:00pm: Solve for X
    Hilton Grand Salon West
    The science-themed variety show returns with storytelling, comedy and PowerPoint Karaoke. This should be a hoot. A hoot, I tell you!

October: 6th – 9th: SiglerFest 2k16, Las Vegas, NV

December: Empty Set Entertainment holiday open house: date TBD