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Apocalypse Triptych III

THE END HAS COME:<br>Apocalypse Triptych III

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The third volume in the Apocalypse Triptych, edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey. Scott's story, "The Seventh Day of Deer Camp" is the sequel to “The Fifth Day of Deer Camp” and "The Sixth Day of Deer Camp" (Wow, Scott can count!).

The first volume of this trilogy, THE END IS NIGH was followed by the second volume, THE END IS NOW and completes with THE END HAS COME.

Even more Yoopers! Who knew Michigan's Upper Peninsula would play such a critical role in the world?

NOTE: While Scott did read the audiobook versions of THE END IS NIGH and THE END IS NOW, he did not read for THE END HAS COME. No, we don't know why — ask the publisher.

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