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FeaturesScott's short story "Public Domain."

The text below is from the website ofDavid Brin, who edited this anthology:
Light appears to be pouring across the planet. Young people log their lives with hourly True Confessions. Cops wear lapel-cams and spy agencies peer at us — but suffer defections and whistle blowers. Bank records leak and "uncrackable" firewalls topple. As we debate internet privacy, revenge porn, the NSA and Edward Snowden, cameras get smaller, faster, cheaper, better and more numerous — faster than Moore's Law.

Is it the dawn of Big Brother? Or a billion judgmental "little brothers"? Some trends defy the dystopian reflex. For example, it's now "settled law" that U.S. citizens may record their encounters with police — though making it stick is another matter.

I interrogated this topic in nonfiction via The Transparent Society: Will Technology Make Us Choose Between Privacy and Freedom? But authors contributing stories and essays to Chasing Shadows will explore their own visions of what might propel — or obstruct — a world civilization awash in light.


Introduction: "Private Lives" (essay) by James Gunn

Part 1: Ad justitiam per lucem
"Mine, yours, Ours*" by Jack Skillingstead
"Insistence of Vision" by David Brin
"Planetbound" by Nancy Fulda
"The Right's Tough" by Robert J. Sawyer
"The Circuit Riders" by R.C. Fitzpatrick
"The Werewolves of Maplewood" by James Morrow
"Road to Oceania" (essay)
"The Right's Tough" by Robert J. Sawyer by William Gibson

Part 2: Surveillance... Sousveillance
"I See You" by Damon Knight
"Eyejacked" by David Walton
"FeastWar" by Vylar Kaftan
"Your Lying Eyes" by Jack McDevitt
"The Disaster Stack" (essay) by Vernor Vinge

Part 3: Lies and Private Lives
"First Presentation" by Aliette de Bodard
"AfterShift Memories" by David Ramirez
"Spew" by Neal Stephenson
"Private Life in Cyberspace" (essay) by John Perry Barlow

Part 4: Big Brother, Little Brother, Village
"ELDERJOY" by Gregory Benford
"Street Life in the Emerald City" by Brenda Cooper
"The Eyes Have It" (essay) by Stephen W. Potts

Part 5: No Place to Hide
"Preferences" by Cat Rambo "Vectors" by Stephen Gaskell
"Public Domain" by Scott Sigler
"To See the Invisible Man" by Robert Silverberg
"The Disconnected" by Ramez Naam

Part 6: Looking Back and Looking Up
"Eminence" by Karl Schroeder
"SPORT" by Kathleen Goonan
"Elephant on Table" by Bruce Sterling
"A Tsunami of Light" (essay) by David Brin

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