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WALKING DEAD S6E9 mid-season premier roundtable

Oh man, THE WALKING DEAD mid-season premiere, that was some wild stuff. For this episode of the FridayFix, we bring in two heavy hitters in the world of books — Christine Riccio, YouTube star, and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry.

This episode divided audiences. Some were thrilled and called it “best episode ever,” while others lamented a lack of continuity and a heapin’ helpin’ of child murder. Scott, Christine and Jonathan break it on down for your listening entertainment.Christine Riccio and Jonathan Maberry

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  1. murle_the_girl

    Thanks for the great discussion! A lot of the things you guys mentioned bothered me when I watched the episode, like wasting an RPG and Glen’s magic survival in a hail of bullets, so it was fun to hear others talk about the same things.
    Also, Carol rocks. I would be extremely upset if she gets killed off, but at the same time it would make things more believable. I have trouble believing anyone’s luck would hold out as long as it has for many of our main characters, despite their skill.
    I’m not familiar with the comics, but it will be interesting to see which things the writers of the series stick to and which they change up.

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