Virtual Tour Stop! Friday, March 30th, 3:00pm PDT

When we announced the 2012 tour schedule, there were shouts from Junkies all over the world: “When are you coming to [insert my hometown here]!!” “When will I get a chance to raise a glass with the FDØ?”

Well, Junkies, now’s your chance. We’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Shindig Events and we’ll have a virtual tour stop this Friday, March 30th, at 3:00pm PST. And no matter where in the world you are, here’s your chance to hear Scott read from NOCTURNAL, ask questions in real time, chat with other attendees, and even talk face-to-face with Scott. That’s right, no matter where you are, no matter how many other folks show up, we’ll have room for you too!

What do you have to do? Easy:

  1. On Friday at 3:00pm PST (or whatever that works out to be in your town) head on over to:
  2. Enter your name and a valid email address. You’ll also need a computer with a webcam and mic if you want to be seen and heard.
  3. If you’ve got a question, come ask during the Q&A, but keep in mind this is a public event.
  4. If you’re so inclined, bring a beverage of your choice to enjoy during the Q&A. I’m pretty sure Scott will be ready to raise a glass by Friday afternoon.

That’s it! The Shindig Events interface is super easy to use, and it’ll only take a minute to learn how to ask a question (either by text or live on-camera), chat with other Junkies directly, or mingle with the assembled folk.

We know this won’t work for everyone, and surely someone will say “but have have to [insert something not-as-cool here]. But it’s a cool addition to the tour, and we’ll have it recorded as well. We’re excited, and we really hope to see you there. You don’t know, there might even be a surprise or two.*

*Disclaimer: Surprise or two not guaranteed. The whole virtual tour is a surprise in itself!!!

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  1. Shadygirl

    You got it. I had a few technical difficulties but overall really njoyed the experience. As Shindig improves their platform this could be really great.

  2. ARealGirl

    Hey Junkies! 

    If you’re interested in helping make Shindig a better experience by building the platform,  we’d appreciate it if you’d fill out the feedback form!  This will even help us help ourselves for when we revisit the virtual tour for the East Side portion of 2012.

    You can find the feedback form here

    It’s short, and is even for folks who couldn’t log all the way in.  THANKS!

  3. bumblebee

    It was a real fun virtual tour – I was really impressed with the site and the reading/Q&A. (I was “JunaGlow”) It was glitchy from time to time and I had to leave/re-enter a few times, but overall a fun time! Wouldn’t it be cool to arrange a G+ hangout sometime with all the junkies to look at/comment/discuss our new *girthy* copies of Nocturnal? I’d love to hang out virtually more often with fellow junkies.

  4. MuchAdo

    I know.  I had a hard time leaving one room to try and get into another.  When I first got into the room I could hear Scott reading but then when they started letting people ask questions, I couldn’t hear the questions.  I left one room and finally got into another and then I could her the person asking the question but not Scott’s response.  LOL!  I tried lip reading but that didn’t go so well so I just left. 😉

  5. Belladonna420

    It almost seemed like there were multiple “rooms” and once you were in one, you couldn’t join another without leaving the first. We also couldn’t figure out a way to invite people into “our” room…

  6. MuchAdo

    I saw you on there and tried to join your room but had trouble getting in.  I got into A’s room finally.  Then I lost the audio for the FDO but had audio for everyone else.  Heard your question but not the FDO’s response.  🙂

  7. steffiebaby140

    I managed to miss it too…yeah that appointment I had at 8am that meant I’d definitely be back by 3?  Not so much when it doesn’t go according to plan!  I wrote down the wrong time and was there 5 hours early, which I filled by going to see The Hunger Games….again.  And buying overly expensive cupcakes.  And buying a few new books while I wait helplessly for Nocturnal.  Then I go to my appointment…and got home at 5, dagnabbit!

  8. Shadygirl

    Ha! And if I recall correctly, you are in Austrailia. So is Deltrimental. I agree that some more information on how Shindigs site works would be nice. I did click on several things to experiment. By clicking on the mingle button at the bottom you could search for users by name and then join them in a “room”. With that you could have a chat on the side. It worked pretty well and I can see a lot of benefit to using it more in the future.

  9. AusMadDog

    Gorram it! Missed it. Thank you for scheduling the event to be time friendly for as many people as possible but I slept through it – 6am on a Saturday is not a good time for me after a long week of work. Yes, I set an alarm to wake me but just couldn’t make it out & I’m kicking myself for it. I know, BAD JUNKIE. As penance, I’ve bought my copy of “Bones Are White” (like I wasn’t going to anyway!) But first, ‘The Reporter”…

    So, the big question (as already raised by deltrimental) is when are you coming back to Australia? I’d love to join in at a tour stop but being half a world away is a bit of a commuting problem. Such is the life of the fans of podcast & New York Times bestselling authors….
  10. delwyn

    I was there and watching/listening – even submitted a question via text, though just after it was asked the FDO’s nefarious enemies interrupted his network feed and he dropped off channel for a few moments.  My question seemed to have gotten lost in the resulting confusion (FYI, I had asked if there were any characters in particular that he looked forward to voicing for the audio books)

    I didn’t find the user interface for Shindig very intuitive (besides the Raise Hand and Ask a Question buttons) and didn’t want to just randomly click on things – didn’t want to risk issues given the technical difficulties I had getting online. No fault of anyone here though.  Looking at Shindig’s help page it seems that they limit the number of people in a “room”, and run multiple “rooms” – I definitely didn’t notice anything that indicated that was the case (though that may just be my own stupidity 😉  Shindig’s help page could definitely make use of a screen shot of what an event looks like, describing the different elements on screen and what they let you do.  I think I’ll go and give them some feedback right now – things don’t improve if no one knows there’s a problem!
    Once again, many thanks to A and Scott for arranging this and scheduling it for such an internationally-friendly time (plus thanks to anyone else behind the scenes that made it happen!).
  11. delwyn

    I did get to join in, so potential disaster was averted. It just turned out to be on a PC that had no camera or microphone.  I never would have expected to see it work on Linux and not Windows – very glad I have more computers at home than any sane person should 🙂

  12. deltrimental

    PS. Basements aren’t a thing in Australia. Very few of us have basements. WE’RE BUILDING BASEMENTS, JUST SO WE CAN STOCKPILE BOOZE FOR YOU. See how badly we want you back?!

  13. deltrimental

    By the way…don’t think this virtual tour gets you out of coming back to Australia! We want you back. We love you. We’re stockpiling alcohol in our basements, just in case.

  14. ARealGirl

    Shoot!  Are you kidding me?  Bummer.  I promise we’ll have the recorded event up soon, and we’ll try to do it again in the late summer for THE MVP.

    I’m sorry you couldn’t connect.  I was looking for you in the chat.

  15. ARealGirl

    Not exactly.  We are planning to release THE REPORTER as an ebook for sale, but we don’t quite know when just yet.  Should be by the end of the year at the latest.

  16. CyberCowboy

    I give up, I’ve tried 3 different computers (windows and Linux) on 2 different networks (home via VNC and Work) as well as 2 cell phones on wifi and 3g.  Browsers tried were Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari.  I really wanted to attend this as well.  Guess I’ll have to watch the re-broadcast.  Have fun everyone.

  17. delwyn

    I’ve tried Chrome, IE and Firefox – all of them are doing the same thing:

    “Welcome to Shindig

    connecting you now…”
    Is the “room” full or something?  Do we have access to tech support from Shindig to sort this out?
  18. ARealGirl

    Yep, there’s a chat room, and you can ask question that the moderator will ask Scott.  IF you have no webcam and no mic, you should join anyway if you like!  And, if you have only one of those, you can join as well!  If you only have a mic, you can still ask live questions if you like.

    See you in twenty four minutes!

  19. Shadygirl

    I was checking it out and it won’t let me click on the box to allow the site to use my camera. I am hoping it is just because it is too early. 

  20. occupy_my_rocktopi

    So just so I’m clear.  People like me, who will be at work with no webcam or mic.  There is also a chat room of sorts where I can post questions and such?

  21. deltrimental

    6am Saturday? Ok, I’ll try to be there – and if I have a beer in my hand at that hour, don’t judge me. Call it peer pressure. 

    Also, just want to echo what delwyn said. Thank you for considering Aussies in your planning. So very rare. Much love and thanks to you all. x
  22. delwyn

    It’s refreshingly nice to be considered in the scheduling – not something that we see very often given the relatively small population out this way.  I will most definitely be showing my appreciation of this kindness with my virtual attendance – appreciation of your work is included automatically for the low, low price of requesting more of it 😉

  23. scottsigler

    You can thank the Director of Døøm for that planning. She picked an hour that was civilized for both Europe (my second biggest market) and for Australia, which is full of people I love. You all better tune in!

  24. delwyn

    3pm PST works out to be 9am Saturday on the east coast of Australia – quite civilised really and not too much of a stretch to be conscious for 🙂

    Having just finished reading THE REPORTER, I’d love to get my hands on THE DETECTIVE, but sadly an intervening hemisphere prevents me from making it to one of the stores on the physical tour.
  25. CyberCowboy

    Yea I was just highlighting the original question as well.  I absolutely intend on attending regardless of if I get THE DETECTIVE for as long as i can (will be at work so may flutter in and out) and I’ve already missed Scott twice due to deaths so assuming no more in-laws decide to kick the bucket I’ll see ya’ll in Chicago (If you could add a stop in La Crosse, WI you’d save me about 6-8 hours drive though)

  26. ARealGirl

    That’s the same question twice, I think.  If you come to a physical tour stop, you get a copy of THE DETECTIVE for free.

    I can’t answer this one at the moment, but I’ll make sure we discuss it before Friday’s shindig.  It will depend on the abilities of the platform.  We can’t have folks showing up for two minutes just to collect the ebook or it will minimize the effort folks are making to come to the physical stops. If we know how long y’all stayed, that’s something to consider.

    Anyway, best I can say for now is this: come and enjoy the virtual tour stop if you’re at all able.  Bring questions, have fun, help us kick off NOCTURNAL right.   Then, if you get THE DETECTIVE anyway, it’ll be a bonus!

  27. CyberCowboy

    Also wondering if this will qualify us for the short story that those at the physical stops will get.  I can’t make a West Coast one, but plan on going to Chicago in August, would like to get both stops if possible.

    Either way I’m going to try to attend this while closing out the month at work, and will be in Chi town but free stories are always a wonderful thing.
  28. steffiebaby140

    I am very familiar with the time difference between here and England.  So if you are the same time zone as they are then it is an 8 hour difference.  So 3pm here would be 11pm.  I just looked and Scotland is on BST as well, so it will be an 8 hour difference.

  29. NeilColquhoun

    Well, this seems like a jolly good idea. As I reside in the wonderful country known as Scotland I will have to work out the time zone thing and hopefully make an online appearance. Good work to the guys who have set this up.


  30. ScottEPond

    This is so bloody cool. I’ll be coming to the east coast tour stop (number to be determined).

    Would love to come to this one as well… but I’ll be somewhere in a bloody airplane between Newark NJ and Beijing China. Damn my luck.

    I’ll be sure to check out the recorded version as soon as a) it’s posted and b) I get to someplace with decent wifi in China.

    Cheers everyone and have a great time… I’ll raise a minibottle of booze in your honor as I fly by.
  31. ARealGirl

    Yes, for sure, anyone who is planning on going to the traveling show should certainly come to this one too, if you’re so inclined.  Scott will be reading something different for this than he’ll read at the bookstores, so you will get twice the fun!

    And, for you hardcore Junkies, know that you can connect with each other and chat too! Up to 20 folks at a time can chat amongst themselves and watch the show.  It’s really a neat system.

    Will be fun.  See you there!

  32. steffiebaby140

    OMG!  The stars have aligned in my favor for once!  My boss may have thwarted me going to the SF stop, and thwarted me going to Siglerfest….but I already have this day off work so there’s not a damned thing she can do about it!  And even if she wanted to, she couldn’t because she’s out of town!  Praise the FDO, I can make it!

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