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VACATION Episode #2

While on Vacation with his dog, Ghost, in San Francisco, Joe Ledger has been asked to investigate the murder of two DEA agents. The suspects? Tres Hermanos Orco — the Orc Brothers. So named because they reportedly look like actual orcs. Blood analysis of samples allegedly left behind by one of the Orc Brothers shows a strange, third sex chromosome — not an X or a Y, but one shaped like a Z. The supercomputer MindReader found a mitochondrial DNA match to that blood, with one Jebediah Erickson, resident of San Francisco. Ledger was greeted by SFPD Inspector Lawrence “Pookie” Chang, who took Ledger to Erickson’s mansion. Just one thing — Erickson looks to be 30, but he’s supposed to be in his 80s. Something fishy is afoot. As Ledger and Ghost sit down to talk to Erickson, and Erickson’s dog Emma, Ledger starts to separate truth from lies and the blood will flow

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode also sponsored by our “Space Opera” brought to you by our Space Opera series, the Galactic Football League.

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