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StorySmack Episode #26

With 25 episodes under our belt, we dive into the listener mail bag (awwwww yeah) to look at y’all’s suggestions for future installments. We also talk about the difficulty of reviewing books, TV series, why movies are the low-hanging grapes (awwwww yeah) and why Hollywood keeps remaking the same schlock over and over again.


Key & Peele’s take on Gremlins 2 If you are a child of the 80s and had your comedy/horror dreams crushed by the sequel to one of the great flick of all time, watch this skit.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode sponsored by our American Football/SciFi/Crime series, The Galactic Football League.

We want to hear your ideas for movies, shows, books, games and whatevs to cover on this show. Liiiiiiisteneerrrrrrs …. come out and PLAY-yay! We go into detail as to why movies have risen to the top in this show. Still, we want all of them there ideas. Get some.

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  1. Rob wyse

    So listening to story smack had a idea for you top 10 movies that don’t stand up to the ages.
    I can start off with wariers As you are about my age this movie bllew my mind as a kid watched it again recently and can’t believe how crappy it really was. Just a thought love your work
    Rob from the silver coast of Portugal
    Keep it going

  2. scottsigler

    jokerdas: We all love to rip on Hollywood, but putting out a movie is such a complex, risky endeavor. Honestly, every movie that gets made is a minor miracle, even the bad ones. Hollywood has a fairly specific formula of what they will make, and you have to know the right people, and you have to have the right product at the right time, and etc., etc.

  3. jokerdas

    You know… you were commenting on my email, you mention at 35:00 writing something trite over writing original and having to go through that every day where you can write a hundred books but would hate everyone.
    The thought that came right into my mind was “Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney For the Damned”. Main character, Victor, chose quantity over quality and became an overnight success. Of course he sold his soul to the devil to do it, but I think you said that is what dealing with Hollywood is akin to anyway!

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